3 Creative Headbands

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What is there not to like about accessories? Especially creative headbands! Headbands keep hair out of our faces and they can make you feel more feminine. Ancient Greeks were the first to wear headbands.  Their headbands were made out of olive branches but since then wreaths and headbands have been worn in so many different ways and all sorts of materials have been used for headbands.



What you need…..

Elastic ribbon
Measuring tape
Bobby pins

1. Zipper headband…..

This is such a modern /unique headband idea. Try to get a 20 in zipper. Unzip the zipper half way and put it on your head. Then simply add bobby pins to secure the zipper in place.


2. Elastic Headband…..
Buy 3 different kinds of elastic ribbons. We bought ours at Walmart in the craft center. They cost $1.00 each. We bought ours for .50 because they were on sale. Line the elastic ribbons next to each other and tie them together. Put the elastic ribbons around your head to measure and then tie them the desired length.



3. Measuring tape….
You can get measuring tape at Joann’s. They cost $1.00 each and they come in so many different colors. Rap around head twice and tie in the back. This measuring tape is a little stretchy which makes it easy to tie.


Have fun wearing these unique headbands 🙂

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