3 Ways To Make A Volcano Erupt !

Did you know that a volcanic eruption can send ashes 17 miles above the Earth’s surface? That would be awesome to see only if it was confetti flying up in the air and not ashes, gas, or hot magma.
1. Make a volcano Erupt:

Step 1: Mixing the dough: *We mixed 3 cups of flour *1 cup of salt *1cup of water *1 tablespoon of oil  * 1 egg. No egg is needed because you will not be baking the dough.


Step 2: You need a deep dish or cooking bowl so that when the eruption occurs there will be less to clean up. Get a jar (we used an old glass jar from pickles) Set it on the deep dish and start covering the jar up with your dough. Make it look like a volcano. Make sure there is nothing in the jar and that the jar is clean before you start.

Step 3: Paint the volcano with food coloring. We used a paint brush to paint on the food coloring but it would be best if you mixed the food coloring into the dough.


First Way: We used apple cider vinegar and baking soda to cause the eruption for Esther’s volcano.

   First we put baking soda into the jar and then we added apple cider.



Esther sure thinks that the eruption is pretty cool.


 Second Way : Or you could use Pepsi and Mentos to cause an eruption as Peter did. So instead of using a jar like Esther did the Pepsi is what goes onto the dish and you cover the Pepsi with dough. Then just throw in the Mentos, step back and watch the eruption.



I am glad we did the eruption two different ways. I think vinegar and baking soda had a larger eruption than the soda and Mentos.
Third way: Ice cream volcano…


You need ice cream and gram crackers. Make a tower.

                            Use a spatula to even out the sides. Put the ice cream back into the freezer        
                                                                        for an hour or more.

Use some kind of red syrup.


Pour the syrup on top of the ice cream.
 Wash and dry half of an egg shell. You also need a sugar cube and lemon extract.



                            Soak the sugar cube with lemon extract.



Light the sugar cube. The more lemon extract you put on the sugar cube the longer it will burn. Your house will be filled with a nice scent of lemon.
Visit a Cinder Cone: 
We did not just make a volcano erupt but we also saw a cinder cone volcano in real life. Having your children see something in real life before they do the experiment is a bonus.
“Cinder cone volcanoes (also called scoria cones) are the most common type of volcano and are the symmetrical cone shaped volcanoes we typically think of. They may occur as single volcanoes or as secondary volcanoes on the sides of stratovolcanoes or shield volcanoes. Airborne fragments of lava, called tephra, are ejected from a single vent. The lava cools rapidly and builds up around the vent, forming a crater at the summit. Cinder cone volcanoes are fairly small, generally only about 300 feet (91 meters) tall and not rising more than 1,200 feet (366 meters). They can build up over short
periods of a few months or years.”
Where to go to see a cinder cone: It is six miles south of highway 44 at the end of Butte Lake near the Butte Lake Campground.
 Four miles round trip does not seem long or strenuous. It isn’t at first. The trail starts near Butte Lake. You can purchase an informative brochure for only 0.50 cents at the trailhead. The trail has 14 numbered wooden posts that you can stop and read about using the brochure that you have purchased. The ground is covered with loose cinders and feels as if one is walking on the beach. You will see massive amounts of lava rocks. This is known as the fantastic lava beds. Then you will approach the cinder cone. You notice that the people on the cinder cone are only taking a few steps up and stopping. This is where you ask yourself if you are up for the challenge. You see children as young as five walking up and you decide that you can do it as well. The cone rises 750ft above its base and is only 1/2 a mile trail to get to the top. As you get to the top of the cinder cone you are in awed at what you see. To the right you see Lassen Peak. To the left and right you see painted dunes. You also see Snag Lake, fantastic lava beds, and many more peaks. You can also walk down to the bottom of the inside of the cinder cone. Such an amazing place to go to.




Have fun 🙂

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  1. Hi Irina,

    I'll definitely come back and check more of your blog! Lots of cool stuff in here!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Vanessa,
    Thank you for checking out my blog !!! 🙂

  3. Vanessa,
    Thank you for checking out my blog !!! 🙂

  4. We are huge fans of volcano experiments. We are familiar with the first two, but ice cream volcano is news to me! I know three eager hearts who would be delighted to try it!

    Butte Lake seems to be an amazing place to visit. We are over-due for some volcano adventures. So, did you stay at the campground?

  5. Yes we stayed at the campground. 🙂 Your kiddos will love doing the ice cream volcano. Just make sure you put lots of extract so it will burn longer.

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