5 Reasons to visit Butte County

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Most who travel through California do not know that they could drive through Butte Country on their trip because majority of the major freeways bypass Butte County. This is not a county you will want to stop by on your way as you drive somewhere else because this is a great destination in itself.


Honey Run Covered Bridge


Covered bridges and lighthouses are the two things we don’t ever drive past without checking them out. They are both part of history and things that are no longer being build. This bridge was built in 1887 and it spans 240 feet across. It used to connect Chico to Paradise during the Gold Rush days. Without this bridge nearby communities would have to take huge detours to visit nearby communities.

Located at  1670 Honey Run Rd, Chico Ca 95928


Comanche Trail


But better way to stretch your legs then walk a trail  where you will be able to see different habitats. The highlight of this trail was the bamboo. We felt like we were one of the actors from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when we stood next to the gorgeous overgrown bamboo. If only we knew how to run up the bamboo. This is the tallest bamboo that we have ever seen. Incredible to think that it is my age since the trail was established the same year I was born.

Located at 825 N. Humboldt. Ave. Willows, Ca 95988



National Yo-Yo Museum


The National Yo-yo museum sounds grand but it is really a small designated area in the back of the store of Bird in Hand located downtown of Chico. However, it does hold many yo-yo tournament history and a 1982 Guinness Book of World Record wooden 256 pounder known as the “Big-Yo.” We learned so much about yo-yos here. Free classes are offered every Saturday between 12-2pm. If you weren’t into yo-yos before you walked in the front door you might come out a yo-yo fanatic.

Located at 320 Broadway St. Chico, Ca 95928


McCarthy Point Lookout


Many say that they would like to get away from all of it but they rarely do and some of those same individuals never even attempt to do it. However, if your really serious about getting away then a fire lookout is always a good choice.

We decided to get away from it all for two nights so after spending all morning in Chico we headed up the mountains on highway 32. This is a highway that most people don’t use. We took a dirt road with many signs and lots of turnouts to the right and to the left. This is one of those places where you have to follow the directions from the forest services pretty accurate because there is no phone service, GPS, or signs. We drove 18 miles in the middle of no where with just us and the wild animals. I kept questioning my husbands choices on which fork to take but when we got to the locked gate and the code worked I was relieved. We parked next to the garage which had 2 carts for us to load up our belongings. We noticed that the shed had bear marks on it and that the window had been torn off. The first thought I had was that we weren’t alone and the second was that I wanted to go home. As we came to the lookout we noticed bear claws on the door and we saw that the jam was screwed back together. I had an easy feeling that a bear has been here before. However, when I walked past the kitchen and into the large room I was surrounded by many windows and I saw the beautiful canyon beneath us. As I looked to the left and right all I saw for miles was a beautiful canyon beneath me, a river running through it, and gorgeous mountains. All of a sudden I did not mind sharing this place with bears. There was clearly enough space for all of us to coexist in this beautiful canyon.

To be completely honest with you, I was not comfortable here. There is just something about seeing bear marks on the door of the place you will be staying. My poor husband and children had to put up with my loud conversation wherever we were outdoors. I’m so glad that after 2 nights of fear of having an uncomfortable experience with the bear my fears did not come true. I now feel a bit childish for making all that fuss walking up and down the trail. This place was magical and I would come back here over and over again. However, next time I’ll try to be braver. 🙂


Located at T27N R3E SEC 18/19 Ca

To book your stay here visit http://www.recreation.gov and search McCarthy Point Lookout, Ca.




Oroville Chinese Temple


Something you do not expect to find in Oroville is Chinese history because everyone has heard of Chinese Town in San Francisco and Los Angeles but at one point Oroville had the 2nd largest China town in California. Therefore, one of three Chinese temples in California is well preserved in Oroville. They also have a wonderful Chinese history museum inside. After we saw women feet binding here we walked a few videos in the car and discussed as a family about that sad beauty practice.

We want to visit the other two temples. It is pretty incredible how big of a part the Chinese community played in making of this great and beautiful state.

Located at 1500 Broderick St. Oroville, Ca 95965



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  1. This looks like an awesome place. I have never heard of it, but I have also never been out to Cali at all. That yoyo museum looks really fun, my daughter really loves Yo Yous so that is something she would love.

  2. Kansas Bonanno

    Wow, what a stunning place it looks to be. If I ever get the chance to visit CA this will def. be a place to put on my site seeing list. I love the bamboo forest!

  3. I love reading your post, i must say that you enjoy in this trip dear.Lol about bears i will screaming a lot 🙂

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip and what beautiful pictures! I would be a bit unsettled by bear marks on the door too. Reminds me of a trip I took once as a camp counselor in the mountains of NC…There had been several bear sightings along a trail we were traveling by foot every day. Some of us ventured out to brave the trail at night and climb a small mountain so we could reach the peak by sunrise. I was pretty shook and the thought of encountering the bear in the dark.

  5. When I was a kid, I did a bit of camping out. And were often warned of bears. For some weird reason though, I wasn’t freaked out. Which is completely odd because I’m totally a wimp. But I guess if I saw bear claw marks as an adult, I might be really freaked out. Fyi, I totally want to visit where you were. I live In socal. And the part of Northern California you were in seems so peaceful and magical.

  6. Yes to covered bridges and everything nice! What a great time you seemed to have. So much to see and do. Great post.

  7. It sounds like an amazing learning experience for the kids and it’s so much fun as well. You get to explore so much there! I’ve never been there before so it’s really interesting. I like those photos that you took while at the bridge!

  8. Morgan Bourgeois

    This is so awesome! I currently live in San Diego and am always looking for new adventures to be had in this great state!

  9. I would be scared too! But, what a gorgeous view. Would love to someday make it there. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. You created some wonderful memories, and capture some beautiful photos. My daughter would have loved the YoYos!

  11. There are so many things I love about this! The nature, the beauty, the rustic of it all! Spending time in nature is so wonderful for our families.

  12. Thanks for sharing! Such beautiful photos of you and your family. Looks like you had a great time!

  13. Road trips are not meant to be spent on the highway passing all the fun stuff! The yo-yo museum looks awesome. My husband would love it. The Chinese temple looks amazing, that is something I would love to explore!

  14. sounds like you got up to lots of fun things! I used to love yo-yos as a child so would definitely like to check that place out. And I’m totally with you on that whole bear thing!

  15. I would be a little freaked out if I saw bear marks on the door of a place I was staying. I wonder if the bear might come back when I was asleep.

  16. Those are more than enough reasons to visit this place! I love that there’s plenty of things to learn for the kids, from history to nature, this place has it all.

  17. Wow this looks like you all had an amazing time. Especially the little ones. What a fun trip.

  18. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Awesome and unique place.

  19. Such beautiful photos! I haven’t made my way to Cali yet, but it’s on the list! Now I’ll have to add a few of these locations to the list too. 🙂

  20. I’m sure my youngest daughter would love to go to that yo-yo museum!

  21. Your family is beautiful and it looks like they had a a great time together. Love the covered bridges and that yoyo museum…swoon!

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