5 Ways to Beat the Heat in California

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As someone who lives in central California we wait for summer just like the rest of the country but when the triple digit temperatures arrive we start looking for a place to cool down. Luckily for us, colder weather is not faraway. You can take a day trip to weather that most people don’t think California has. You can experience temperatures on the coast similar to what you get in Washington or Oregon Coast. You can find snow in the middle of the summer just like you would in Alaska or find a lake that would make you feel like your in Minnesota. Here are 5 great locations where you can find refuge from California heat without leaving the state.


Canoeing and Fishing


We recently bought our own canoe and what we have quickly realized is that you can catch more fish when your able to go where the fish are at. Trout fish like cooler waters so it’s a great way to get away from the heat and catch some fish while your at it. You can canoe easily around this lake. Packer Lake is one of our favorite lakes. We come here every year. It is a small lake but absolutely beautiful.  


Located at : 3901 Packer lake Rd, Sierra City, Ca 96125.






Hike to a Waterfall


We came at such a perfect time because the snow had just melted and the fields were covered in yellow blooms known as the Mulesears. We also spotted so many butterflies and a moth laying eggs. It felt like we had stepped back into spring. This hike is a 3.8 mile round trip. Mill Creek Falls is the biggest waterfall at Lassen Volcanic National Park with a drop of 75 feet.

Our dear friends and our nephew came with us. Hiking while chatting with friends is the best.






Snow Picnic


When visiting a National Park it is always wise to pack your own lunch. At Lassen Volcanic National Park there were still patches of snow throughout the park. The road was still snowed in and closed off at Bumpass hell.  We had such a great time chatting with family and friends and throwing snow balls at each other while wearing summer clothes.





Go to the Beach


Doran beach is considered as one of the safest beaches. To be honest with you, beaches are so gorgeous but they can be dangerous. The waves can be rapid and can pull children in so when we found this beach we loved how we felt safe with our children getting into the water. We had such an amazing time finding crabs, playing Frisbee, making mud cakes, digging, and enjoying the cool weather.

Located at : Doran beach rd, Bodega Bay, Ca 94923






Go Swimming


All the lakes are crowded with people during a hot fathers day weekend. We always arrive early so that we are able to find parking and a great place to sit. Pinecrest Lake is an absolutely spectacular location to spend the day with your dad. The water is very refreshing here because of all the snow melt off.




What do you do to escape the heat?

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  1. Y’all always do the best things! Growing up my dad fished all the time, and I was constantly drug out on the lake in the boat. I hated it at the time, but looking back, those were some great memories.

  2. I’ve always admired California for that aspect, being able to go up into the mountains fast and easy from the coast. Your photos of a snow picnic in summer clothes looks like way too much fun to handle! Great tips to escape the heat!

  3. Kansas Bonanno

    My oldest daughter absolutely loves fishing. What a beautiful lake that is, I’d love to be able to have the chance to take them there!

  4. What an amazing way to beat the heat! I love the activities too!!

  5. This is why my husband and I love to travel, we just sometimes couldn’t stand the heat in California. These are wonderful ideas, and it’s always nice to just enjoy the outdoors and what it has to offer!

  6. Canoeing and fishing could be the perfect activity matched. It is really a fun and memorable adventure for the whole family!

  7. I’m going to need to send this post over to my guy. He’s in LA with the little ones right now and DYING over the heat they are having there.

  8. We’ve tried to catch fish but we never got one! You have the best adventures. I’m sure your kids will never forget these memories.

  9. Wow, these are such gorgeous places to visit with your family. You’ve captured some really lovely photos too.

  10. I would love to live out in Cali! It isn’t so hot here, but I could definitely survive living there! So many fun things to do!

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