6 Creative Ways to Teach Your Child how to Write his or her Name !!

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Teaching your child to write their name can be fun. When they are young they want to explore the world around them. Touching and feeling different textures while writing helps your child to learn to write their name. More importantly your child will think that writing is fun and want to do more of it.
Here are six creative ways to teach your child how to write their name:
1. Buy glass chalk and let your child write their name on glass windows. Let them know that only glass chalk can be used on windows. When glass chalk dries it is easy to wipe off with a towel.


2. Ground coffee or sandbox sand is perfect for little ones who are learning to write their name. Let them use their finger and pretend that their finger is a pencil. 

 3. Rice is great because it is small and has texture to it.

 4.  Washable paint: they can use their finger to write their name or a paintbrush. If they get their clothes dirty its okay because the paint will wash off.

   5. Shaving cream or whipping cream is fun to touch and to use to write their name. Some children love gooey, sticky, and wet things.

 6. Oven baked clay: you can buy this at Walmart for .99 cents. Have them use clay to form the letters of their name. Put it in the oven. Let it cool down and set it next to their working desk so that they can be reminded on how to properly write their name.

 Have fun 🙂

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