7 Days of Creation

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Do you know what God created on which day? If not, no worries. Here is an easy way to remember what God made on which day. Now our God is amazing. God said and creation happened. Read Genesis 1:3,6,7,14.  Are you ready to be amazed by how everything was created? I am….For three days God prepared and for three days God decorated. On the seventh day God rested. It is so important to prepare anything before you can decorate it. Before you can bake a cake you have to prepare by making sure that all your baking tools are clean and that you have all the ingredients to bake your cake. You also have to measure everything out. Then you bake it and add frosting, fruit, and whatever edible decorations you would like.

 On Day 1 God created light and dark!!!

 On Day 2 God created waters and sky!!

 On Day 3 God created dry land and plants !!!

 On Day 4 God created the sun, moon, and the stars !!!

 On Day 5 God created the birds and the fish !!!

On Day 6 God created animals and man (people) !!!
When you know what it was that God created on day 1 and on day 6 you can figure out the rest of the days. Just simply ask yourself how God decorated day 1 and you will know day 4. Also if you know day 6 ask yourself how God prepared day 6 and you will know day 3.
We also did an experiment with my children. You can buy anything that needs to be put together. Legos would work great for this as well. We bought from Lowes: Build and Grow kits. First open up the package and put all the contents in a box (before making it) then simply shake the box for a while. Open it up and ask your children if simply shaking it makes anything. Tell them that even a creator is needed to shake something. But most importantly that this shows us that we needed a creator to carefully craft and create everything. God first prepared everything for us and then he created us. What an awesome God we serve !!!! 🙂



Have fun 🙂

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