I was born in Odessa, Ukraine. I moved to the United States when I was 5 years old. My family moved often when I was growing up. I have no relatives in America, just my immediate family.

I have two sisters. My older sister is 5 years older than I. She was my “Nana” when I was growing up. She took care of me when my parents had to work and she taught me how to read in Russian. She is the best older sister a girl could ask. My younger sister is 1 1/2 years younger than I. We shared a room together growing up and we were always together (even in school). She always stood up for me (even though she was younger :)) and even protected me when I was naughty and our mother wanted to discipline me (she would stand in front of me and tell our mother to spank her). My parents did everything for us. My mother would buy us just about everything she could afford and bought herself  very little because she felt she had enough things. She made sure that us girls knew that we were each beautiful and very special. My father taught me never to take anything to heart. I was thin growing up and got made fun of for my weight often and when I would come home crying he always knew what to say to make me feel better. We were (and still are) a very close family.

I met my husband at church. I was 15 1/2 at that time. For 2 1/2 years he drove 30 minutes almost every day, to see me. He paid for my meals, movie tickets, and all other expenses. He was such a gentleman with a big heart (still is). I got married when I was 18 years old to my best friend. He loves to travel and has taken the kids and I to so many places like New Zealand, Hawaii (Maui, Kauai, The Big Island), Belize, Canada, Alaska, Jamaica and to so many other places. The first years of our marriage we went on many missionary trips (those were the best). We also had prayer at our house every Friday for many years. I got pregnant with our son Peter a few months after we got married. Things really changed. I knew very little about babies, but my mother would drive 30 minutes three times a weeks to teach and help me (even though she was working full time). I had a lot to learn. 🙂 My 4 children are 2 1/2 years apart. Peter is 15 years old. He is my comfort child. He is so wise for his age. He is such a great writer and is so good with his words. Esther is 12 years old. She is my helper. She helps me with everything. She sees what is dirty and cleans up without me telling her. She loves to be in the kitchen and whips up beautiful and tasty cakes. She has such a big heart. Elizabeth is 9 years old. She is my cuddle bear with long hair. She loves to hug and kiss. She can cuddle next to you for hours. She is also very fancy and thinks I’m the most beautiful mommy in the world. I think I get enough compliments from her to last me a life time. My Eve is 6 years old. She is my tough baby. She will fall down and hardly ever cries. She is so sweet, cute, and smart.  She is so loved by all of us.

I went to college while raising and homeschooling my children for many years. I have my Associates in Arts degree in Psychology. I then wanted to become a physiologist and I had two more classes left until I needed to take the MCAT exam. However, I changed my degree to midwifery. I have two courses left until nursing school. A few years ago I decided to postpone my education in order to spend more time with my children. They grow so fast and I do not want to miss a minute.


We have been homeschooling for 8 years now. Our children have never attended a public school. We love hands on learning.

We have been married for 15 years. Marriage is so important to us. I love my man Dmitry (Dimachka). I love that I have been with my husband for more than half of my life. We have so much history and memories together. I pray that we will always be together and that our love would become stronger as the years go by.

I feel as if I can conquer the world when I am with my husband.

What I love to do….

*I love to spend time with my Lord: I love the lord with all my heart. I have always turned to him. He is so loving, understanding, powerful, and life changing. I do not know where I would be without Jesus. Whenever I have a misunderstanding with my husband or someone I love, I always turn to him in prayer. When I ever need an answer, I open up the word of God.

* Watch my children play with their daddy: He is so good with them. Our children think the world of him (and so do I). He has so much patience with them. He teaches them the things I can not teach them. When I  go anywhere with my husband and children, I love to watch them interact and get excited over the little things in life.

* Visit my family: My parents and my two sisters live an hour and twenty minutes away from me. 🙁  I try to see them once a week. I love spending time with them. We always have such a great time together.

*Dance: I have to be honest with myself and you that I am not good at dancing. However, I love to dance. I dance in the car, while I’m cooking, and after a great movie. I think I embarrass my son Peter when I dance. “Sorry Love.” But I always put a smile on those around me when I dance. Why? Because I just let it go. It does not matter what those around me think because it is my time to have fun and get in a better mood.

Something different about me….

I was bitten by a howler monkey in the back of my left leg when I was on vacation in Belize. The monkey did not like pregnant women. I was pregnant with my daughter Esther at that time. My husband took such great care of my leg.

I am an early bird, I wake up at 4:00 am every morning. I like to stay busy doing something all day until 5:30pm (which is dinner time). Then I spend the evening praying, reading, and watching a movie with my family. I am not very productive after 5:30pm 🙂

What I dislike doing but am always doing:
*cleaning up: Yes this is something I do every day. It never ends. I dislike having dirty clothes in my basket so I end up doing laundry everyday. Clean floors is a must in our house so the floors get swept  two to three times a day. I am blessed to have such great helpers who help me with this.

What I would like to learn someday…..

* I would love to learn to play the harp. It is such a beautiful instrument.
* It would be so neat to learn how to sew. Just think of all the unique things I could make!
* I think it would be awesome to learn sign language. I took a course in college and loved it.
* Hunting with a falcon. It is my dream to have this beautiful bird and learn to train and hunt with it.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you feel encouraged and follow us on this beautiful life journey.