Aloe Vera

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Growing up my parents always had a few aloe vera plants inside and outside of our home. My parents are big believers in natural medicine. I did not know how to swallow a pill until I was 18 years old because I never had digested a pill before so when we moved to the country it was only natural for my father to bring me buckets of aloe vera plants as a gift.



The plant behind me (in the picture below) is an aloe vera. My outfit is from She Traveled.


You don’t need a “green thumb” to grow your own aloe vera. They really are fuss free and easy to grow. We have so many offsets (babies) that we remove and plant them in different  areas without any problems.

Our front yard is covered with aloe vera plants. We have deer eating just about everything we seem to plant except for aloe vera. In the spring time the aloe vera blooms and humming birds love enjoying this sweet nectar. One of my hobbies is to try to capture these beautiful little, but fast birds in action.

Aloe vera repairs our skin from damage. This anti-aging plant repairs burns, scars, wounds, and acne. The great thing is that you can grow your own aloe vera and extract the gel from inside of the leaf.



Since summer is approaching us, we decided that we needed to make some sunburn relief home remedies. The main ingredient is aloe vera.

Aloe vera will stay fresh when stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. If you want it to last longer than you can freeze aloe vera.

We gathered aloe vera from our front yard. We took off the sides and the front side of the outer rind leaving the inner gel and the back side of the outer rind. We placed them in water and let them sit for a few hours. We placed the jar in the fridge. You could skip this part especially if your not planning to ingesting the aloe vera. We chose not to ingest aloe vera but I wanted to teach my children that it’s best to do this wash process because aloe latex juice has a bitter taste and if it is ingested too often can cause health complications.



Below Eve is placing aloe gel and a few drops of vitamin E oil into the jars which will then go into the fridge.



Elizabeth and Eve are working together to make the aloe vera facial spray. All you need is to fill the spray bottle with half aloe vera gel and the rest with water.


Our 3-in-1 growing step stool is from Little Partners. We love it and Eve uses it daily.

If you want to store aloe vera for a longer period of time then you can place aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer. Then if you have a sunburn you can take out one of these aloe vera cubes and get a nice cool relief.



It is easy to make aloe vera lotion. You will need 1 cup of coconut oil, a few drops of essential oil (your choice), 1 cup of aloe vera gel, 1/2 cup of granted wax. You want to place the coconut oil and granted wax into the pot and heat it on low heat. You want to heat it until the granted bees wax has melted. Take it off the heat and when it cools down add aloe vera gel and essential oil. Since we did not heat the aloe vera we placed our lotion in the fridge. Many heat the aloe vera but we decided not to. We never want to heat the aloe vera.



Hands on Learning

I loved placing aloe vera plants, pictures, diagrams, cursive board, the homemade products that we have made, humming bird pictures, and art supplies out for my children.

Each aloe vera leaf is made up of three layers : aloe rind, aloe latex, and inner leaf juice. The aloe rind is the outer layer of the plant and it protects the gel. The aloe latex is sap that is yellow and it is between the rind and gel. The aloe rind and aloe latex have no nutritional value.


This beautiful cursive board is from From Jennifer. It is double sided, one side has the alphabet in lower case and the other side has it in uppercase. This is such a great way for children to learn to trace the letters in cursive.



Thank you for reading our post.

Have you used aloe vera before?

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