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The more I learn about the human body, our environment, and the universe, the more it increases my faith. – Benjamin Carson

Brainy Kit:

We received an amazing Anatomy kit from Brainy Kit. This kit comes with a booklet that has 7 detailed lessons, a organs puzzle, 6 charts (2 skeleton charts, 2 internal organs charts, and two eye charts), 20 cards, labels, the Human Body book, 2 sets of wiki sticks in order for your child to make a model of the DNA, and a sticker sheet  which your child will use on a human sheet.

Lesson Plan booklet: The booklet comes with seven lessons. The first lesson is to help your child learn about the different bones that exist in the human body. The second lesson your child will learn about internal organs and how they function. In the third lesson your child will understand how the human eye works. In the fourth lesson your child will revisit the human bones. In the fifth lesson your child will learn about the DNA. In the sixth lesson your child will revisit the internal organs. In the seventh lessons your child will revisit internal organs as well as the bones.

Organs Puzzle: My younger two loved the puzzle. Placing the organs in and out of the human never got old for them. 🙂

6 Charts with labels: You will receive 2 skeleton charts. One with all the bones labeled. The other one will be blank. This is where your child uses labels and works on placing the right name with the bone. You will also receive 2 internal organs sheets and 2 eye sheets.

20 cards: The cards have in red the internal organ or bone that your child should know with the name written on top. We cut the names of the bones or organs and glued them on the back of the cards. We felt these made better flash cards.

Human body book: This book is easy to hold, understand, and read. It is colorful and super fun.

2 sets of wiki sticks: with these your child will make a DNA model.

I received the Anatomy Kit in return for a blog post. Everything I write is my own opinion.

Anatomy toolkit2 Anatomy toolkit
I want to show you my dear friends how two of the lessons work or look like. All the lessons are amazing but these two will help  you understand how amazing this kit is.


The Skeleton:

For lesson one your child will learn about bones. In the lesson plan you will find the pages you need to read from the Your Body book, the materials needed for this lesson, the vocabulary you will be using, the purpose of this lesson, the different activities you can work on and the different  questions you can ask your children.

I found an amazing video on the skeleton (I’ve included it in this post) and had my children watch it as they worked on the skeleton chart and looked through their flash cards.

We also drew a skeleton. The bones can be hard to remember so we tried to remember them in unique ways. Watch the video below to see how fun and easy it is to remember the different bones on our body.


skeleton2 skeleton skeleton drawings





Internal organs:

We had so much fun playing the internal organ bingo game. I simply made copies of the flashcards and that was how I introduced the internal organs to my children. Then they worked through the internal organ chart which came in the kit and read the pages that were recommended. We watched a few You-tube videos and read the Lotta the Doctor Doll information booklet.


internal organs2 internal organs


Lotta the Doctor Doll:

Let me tell you that this was probably the best thing we have ever received. Lotta is an educational friend. As you lift Lotta’s skin you will find her chest, then her heart, next her lungs, then her liver, her gallbladder, her spleen, her stomach, her colon, her pancreas, her kidney, her uterus, her bladder, and lastly her skeleton. As you gently turn over Lotta you will find her brain and spine. You will also see her blood and muscles on her left arm. She is a soft, safe, and a beautiful doll. My little one loved taking her on bike rides and tea time is more fun when Lotta’s around.

To order your Lotta visit Dockan Lotta. Your Lotta can have blond, brown, or black hair. A information booklet comes with your doll. It is easy for children to understand the human anatomy with this booklet.

About Lotta: “Lotta was designed and invented in 1984 by Inga Pennborn, a play therapist at Helsingborg’s Hospital. Her legacy has been passed down from three generations.”

I received the Lotta doll in return for a blog post. Everything I write is my own opinion.


Lotta1 Lotta Lotta bikeriding

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I loved A&P when I was in Nursing school.

  2. My kids have been wanting to learn about the human body! This post is fantastic!!! Thanks!!!

  3. This looks like an amazing way to learn anatomy! So much material and all layered to create real understanding! How awesome.

  4. Such a fun way to learn about the human body. As I have said before, learning using hands on methods is so much better for kids they retain the learning so much better!! We have a lot of fun learning ideas about the human body on our blog too. One of our favorites is blood and guts book and making candy blood, which lists tons of hands on learning ideas.

  5. My daughter would love this! She loves learning about the human body!

  6. That kit is awesome! We’re going to be learning about the human body in more detail this year, and this would be great to go along with our study. The doll seems amazing too. I really love all your pictures and seeing what you’re up to in your homeschool! 🙂

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    It’s me Venus! 🙂 You have a very beautiful family and you are doing a very good job as a mom an home maker. I wish you and your family the best in everything. Your blog is great too! Please keep it uo

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