Antique Windows and doors

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 I wanted a room divider for my room to separate the office space from the room and these old doors did the job. I actually used sticky wall paper for this. I put random pictures on to the sticky side and put it directly to the glass. The side that individuals see when walking into the room are the pictures. My husband sees the wall paper.

My husband brought 5 of the same kind of windows and we decided that each window would have a different vacation destination which we did in the past.

I have two of these windows and we put them in our kitchen. We ordered mirrors and I used super glue and other strong glue and glued them onto the glass. These windows actually ended up costing us money because mirrors can be pricy.

I love old windows and doors. There are so many things you can do with them. I get mine for free because of my awesome husband. First thing I do is take  all of the nails out of the windows.Then I sand my windows down. Electric sanders work best because most of the time these windows have alot of old paint on them. Next, I fill in any holes with wood filler. I let the wood filler dry and then sand it some more. I usually just put paint on my windows but you can put on a paint primer before if you need to. To give the windows that rustic look, I use sand paper and lightly sand the edges of the window.
Have fun 🙂

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