Art Wall

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My artists love to display their art work and I love them doing it, but not randomly all over the walls of our house. I enjoy having clean painted walls and would hate to ruin them with holes in the walls. So I decided that we needed to make an art wall.





                                                           (Eve helping her Daddy).

We used old wood from a torn down shed we had on our property in Susanville. We also used old barb wires.








We intended to put this art wall in our homeschool room but decided it was not safe because of the barb wire. Instead we put it in our dining room. If we had to redo our art wall we would not use barb wire. 
We used wooden clothes pins to hang the art work.
It is easy to make an art wall. You just need to pick a wall and start pinning up your children’s master pieces.
Our artists are proud of their art work and I am glad they can display it for all to see who come and sit in our dining room table.
Have fun 🙂

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