Ask Away Thursday: Hitting Problems

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I love Thursdays because I get to answer some tough questions like hitting problems. I get to remember what I did  with my child or children as well as how my parents reacted to certain situations. I love learning from other moms.



“I use a non-physical approach when it comes to discipling  my son who is three years old.  Do you have any advice on how to stop him from hitting? He hits all of the time, even when he is happy. I have explained to him why it is not nice to hit. I have also taken away things from him. Time-outs do not seem to work. I really would love some advice.”


What works for one child does not necessarily work for another. It seems that you have tried different methods to get him to stop hitting others. I think sticking to one is a great idea. Also, keep telling him that it is not nice to hit and that it hurts others when he hits. I always remind my children that they need to treat others in the same way that they would like to be treated.

Removing him from the situation is a must. Tell him that when he hits, it is time to sit.

If he does it when you are at a park or visiting a friend, I would advise you to go home as soon as he does it. This will show him that if he continues to act this way he will not be able to have any fun. I know that if you do this a couple of times then he will slowly stop hitting because there will be no benefit in hitting others.

Children hit when they are frustrated or scared. This sometimes is their way of communicating. Certainly not a positive way to express themselves. You can tell him that when he gets mad it is smart to walk away from the situation, when happy it is wise to dance, and when scared it is time to tell someone or pray.

When my son was younger I would hug him and pray with him. I would cry and ask God to soften my heart towards my son because no one is perfect and I am far from perfect. To my surprise my son stopped acting out. Prayer is pretty powerful and showing grace to your child will shock him. He expects you to yell or get upset with him but if you all of a sudden scoop him up in your hands and start crying and praying, he might forget all about hitting.
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  2. Yes! Prayer is SO important when it comes to raising kids!! The devil doesn’t act less mean towards kids because they’re little. Nope. In fact, they have less defense against him because they don’t know how to reject the wrong thoughts that come into their heads, and the wrong emotions and actions that come out of those thoughts. And that is why WE need to cover them in prayer…all the time!! We are their covering, and Jesus is their wall of protection.

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