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My children think that I have a superpower because I can always tell when they have to go to the bathroom. They start to dance and wiggle when they are playing and I’ll always say, “(child’s name) go to the bathroom.” They look at me and ask,  “Mom, how do you know I have to go to the bathroom?” I always tell them that I know everything. I love my superpower. Do you have the same superpower as I do? I’m sure you do. 🙂 Today we are talking about potty training.


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“My three year old has no interest in the potty or being potty trained. How do I convince him to use it and give up the diapers? I’ve heard so many different methods, but I’m not sure which one to try?”


Potty training can be tough. Change is difficult even for a toddler. Children get distracted playing and the last thing they want to do is to stop the fun only to go to the bathroom. I have found that kiddos can be lazy and diapers for them is a easy way to go to the bathroom without stopping what they are doing. Also, even when you think your child is potty trained they sometimes will have accidents simply because they thought that they could hold it just a tad more.

What I would recommend for you to do is to buy padded underwear and have your three year old son wear them. He will have accidents and hopefully will not like the feeling of being wet. The best time to do this is in the spring/summer time when weather is nice outside so he can have accidents outside and not inside.

I also advise you to put your son directly on the toilet seat instead of a potty chair. I did this with my last two children and have found it to be easier. If he learns to use the toilet instead of the potty chair you will not have to haul the potty chair with you. I have observed that when you teach your child to use the potty chair, they will not want to go to the bathroom when your out and about because they will be scared of the toilet. Some children are afraid of the noise the toilet makes when being flushed. If this is the case then flush the toilet after he has left the bathroom.

Another thing I would say for you to do is to take your son with you when you have to go potty. I have learned that when children see that it is normal and that their family members use the bathroom then they are more likely to do it. Young children look up to big kids and adults.

I would also have lots of books in the bathroom left out for your son. I started potty training my son at two years old and by 2 1/2 years he was fully potty trained day and night. Once he took off his diaper he never wanted to put them back on. I read so many books to him during that time. I would read until he went to the bathroom. I believe this is why he loves books so much now.

Try to make a big deal if your son actually goes to the bathroom. Buy party noise makers, confetti, and anything that will show him how proud you are of  his accomplishment. He will love the positive reaction and will be back for more.

The best time to sit him on the toilet is right after he wakes up in the morning or after a nap, especially if his diaper was dry because you have a higher chance for him to actually go to the bathroom.

This tip might be silly but I did it with all my kiddos…. make peeing noises. 🙂  If you do not feel comfortable with doing this then you can turn on the sink facet.

Potty training  takes time. Take it slow and remind yourself that he will be potty trained someday. He won’t wear diapers forever and that when he is 16 years old no one will care or know when he actually was potty trained. Enjoy him and try not to stress out.  Before you know it he will be potty trained.

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  1. I need these tips!! My toddler is 26 months and seems to have no interest. I am trying to just go with it. We have a baby on the way in 12 weeks so I know that will be a lot of change for her. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Great advice! My daughter does so much better on the actual toilet than her potty chairs! She even holds it and when it’s time to go she goes! So cute that they eventually get it when they’re ready.

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