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What draws you to the beach? Is it the sound of the waves crashing, the sight of such a large body of water infront of you, the idea of running barefoot without a care in the world, or the tug in your heart reminding you that God is great and has everything in control? When the word vacation is brought up our mind suddenly drifts to a fond memory at the beach.

With so many beaches to choose from here is a list of 4 beaches in California that you don’t want to miss.

Black Sands Beach:

This beach has black sand. Ok, I know the name gave it away but still black sand is pretty neat. Also, not too many people know about this beach because we only spotted a few fishermen. You have to hike down to get to this beach. Its a short hike but is a bit steep and you might feel it going up. Towards the bottom there are wooden steps. We loved that it was partially sheltered from wind. I’m not a big fan of wind.You can also see Point Bonita Lighthouse from the distance. We have heard that this beach is clothing optional however, we have been her twice (first time with hubby) and both times everyone was clothed.

Black Sand beach is located at Conzelman Rd Sausalito, Ca 94966. Once the road becomes a one way road, you will want to turn left on the first parking lot you see.


” Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday. ”

-Henri. J.M. Noumen.


Pescadero State Beach

Who says that playing at the beach can’t be fun or educational during a storm? If the storm is big enough and there is a lot of muddy water coming down the creek you can actually see how the fresh water and salt water mix together. A great place to see this is at Pescadero State Beach which is located
right where Pescadero Creek and Butano Creek come together and fall into the ocean.

We were fortunate enough to see it after one of the biggest storms that hit California in a long time which sent crazy amount of water rushing towards the ocean. It was super muddy so you could totally see the mixing of the water and you can watch it going away with the current way off the shore. You could also see right off the mouth of the lagoon the force of waves coming in from the ocean and clash with the flood waters that are coming down the creeks. So instead of the waves crashing into the shore they are crashing in off the shore into the flood waters.

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Rodeo Beach:

This beach has Jade. Yes, you will find small particles of Jade on the ground. Waves hit the beautiful large rock formations and some are even brave enough to climb these rock formations. Some of the large rock formations are hangout places for birds.  This beach is far more crowded then the black sand beach but there is still enough room to run and play in the cold water.

We hiked around Rodeo Beach and saw the fresh water lagoon where if you love watching birds then this is a perfect place for you because on a good day you can see a pelican, tern, scoter, loon, hawk, and many more amazing birds.


Address: Ggnra at Marin Headlands, Sausalito, Ca 94965


Rodeo beach1


Goat Rock Beach:


This beach was one of our favorite. It is so beautiful and there is so much to see. First of all it is right near the Russian River so you will be able to see where the freshwater meets the saltwater. You can also watch a colony of harbor seals as they mate and take care of their pups. On the other side of the beach you will find a place where you can search for crabs, starfishes, clams, and more. This is also where you can see the Arched Rock which was formed by waves.

Swimming is highly not recommended on the ocean as well as playing in the water on the North end of the Goat Rock Beach. However, you can swim on the river side but I have to worn you that the water is cold. This beach has warm sand, at times too warm to have your shoes off.

This beach is located on Highway 1, between Jenner and Bodega Bay, Sonoma, California.


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  1. I love going to the beach. It is so relaxing. I just wish out Northern cali beaches weren’t so cold!

  2. These beaches look like incredible places to visit. It’s neat that each one is so different.

  3. such beautiful pictures! I have always wanted to visit Cali. The beaches there look so different to what I am used to in Florida.

  4. The photos are beautiful! It looks like you had a fun and educational trip with your family. I can’t wait for our family to hit the beach so I’m jealous of you right now.

  5. Oh gosh I wish I lived close to the ocean! I am so far inland it’s ridiculous! That black sand beach looks wonderful and I have always wanted to go to one!

  6. All of these beaches look so unique! I would love to take my kids to each one just for the experience.

  7. Oh my! I love black sand beaches. They’re rare and rich in minerals. I love to go there someday. Amazing pictures!

  8. They have black sand beaches in Madeira where my family is from and it is beautiful. I love your selection of photos here!

  9. We live near the beach, but it is a lake beach and not an ocean beach. I think there is a big difference. I grew up in the midwest and we are landlocked and rarely get to a beach with an ocean.

  10. California has some beautiful beaches! Several of these I’ve never heard of, but would love to check out! The Sausalito area is gorgeous!!

  11. I thought our beach here in Florida was awesome with powdery white sand- but yours has black sand?! That’s awesome! I love that you make beach trips educational. Very fun!

  12. Wow these are some beautiful pictures! My family loves going to the beach! We don’t live anywhere near one so this would be such a great family vacation for the summer! I have tons of family in California so I will have to ask them about these beaches!

  13. Adrienne Carter

    I have never been to California but am hoping to go soon! Your pictures are beautiful!!! Also, how cool are those seals!

  14. What a neat place, these pictures are so beautiful. I love the one of the clam, and the black beaches – I would love to go there someday.

  15. These beaches all look fantastic. I feel like we need to take a road trip to check out some of these places as they’re not the typical CA beach. Fun!!

  16. It looks like you guys had a blast at each one of these beaches. The photos look awesome.

  17. I am not a beach person at all..the wet sand…the crowds, etc etc. We live 5 minutes away and never go. I prefer the pool. But this is a beautiful beach!

  18. Robin Rue

    I have never been to California but it is on my bucket list. These beaches look so beautiful!

  19. Some of the things that have always drawn me to the beach are the smell of the ocean, the feeling of sand between my toes, and the sun reflecting on the top of the water. I can’t wait until summertime.

  20. What beautiful beaches. I really like that they each have their own unique feature. I epscially like the black sand beach. Thanks for sharing

  21. gorgeous pictures and lovely beach. It looks so serene and perfect place to ave a nice family outing!

  22. So gorgeous! What beautiful photos too, I have always wanted to visit California and be able to check out the beaches. I cannot wait to do it someday!

  23. CourtneyLynne

    Omg nothing better than a beach day!!!!! Y’all in California are so lucky to have so many fabulous ones to choose from

  24. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking! You have a lovely family and it looks like you had an awesome time on all those beaches!

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