One amazing benefit to traveling or visiting cities such as Berkeley is that your able to make small talk with so many different individuals. People who are of all ages, from all parts of the world, and have so many different points of views on life. I never fully appreciated small talk until I started reading The Fine Art of Small Talk written by Debra Fine. I always said I did not like small talk because I felt that they were meaningless until I learned that if we didn’t start with small talk we would never get to a real conversation. My kids laughed when I said I did not like small talk because apparently to them I’m an expert on small talk. I have almost forgotten to pay for groceries and I have left a bag or my wallet behind because I got so carried away talking with the cashier or the person behind me in line. When we lived in Sacramento and I had to cash checks I never used the ATM because I enjoyed talking to the security woman at the bank. Over time our small talks turned into fifteen to thirty minutes conversations and we knew so much about each other. We even exchanged phone numbers. Starting small talk is so easy. When your standing in the line and you see a fruit or vegetable you’ve never used ask the person next to you what they plan to make with it and how it tastes. We once learned about jackfruit that way. Small talk can make us laugh, put a smile on our face, or help us learn about others.

What are your thoughts on small talk?



Strolling through Berkeley


If you arrive early to Berkeley like we did then you might want to stroll through Lower Sproul Plaza or Pacific School of Religion. I haven’t had time to “people watch” in so long and Lower Sproul Plaza is a great place for that. I remember going to the mall with my best friend and sisters and our favorite thing to do was people watch. It is always more fun to participate in watching people when you go to such a diverse place as Berkeley. Hey, who knows maybe you’ll be inspired to try wearing something new and actually get the hair style you’ve always wanted but were not brave enough to do. If you get tired of “people watching” then you might want to do some “architecture watching” and get some inspiration from the beautiful Pacific School of Religion.


Sather Tower (also known as Campanile)


This tower is the most distinctive UC Berkeley’s campus landmark which you can actually take an elevator and walk thirty eight steps to the top of the tower and from the top you get a spectacular view of the entire Bay Area: San Francisco, Angel Island State Park, Alcatraz, Marin County, and Treasure Islands. This is the third-tallest bell and clock tower in the world so it is a pretty amazing tower which you do not want to miss.


Located at Berkeley, Ca 94720.


Do you like American food? Burgers? Craft Beer? Casual Dining? Then you’ll enjoy the taste and great quality of Eureka! Now if your not into burgers, don’t worry because they have tacos, mac n’ cheese, alfredo, nachos, duck, ribs, a variety of sandwiches, and salads.

We ordered a bone marrow burger which goes over a bison patty, kimchi burger, blues burger that had blue cheese with sautéed onions and mushrooms, and two fish tacos. We also got root bear floats to go.

Located 2068 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704.


Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive


It is hard to miss BAMPFA. As soon as you see it you will notice the thirty-foot-wide outdoor LED screen which plays films and videos. The architecture of BAMPFA is one you’ll want to go inside. There are two film theaters, four study centers, a reading room, art-making lab, and a café. If you love contemporary or historical art this is the place for you because here you can enjoy over twenty art exhibits annually. As you walk in you’ll be mesmerized when you see the art wall by Karabo Poppy Moletsane. She uses such beautiful colors and patterns when portraying the people of South Africa. On a busy day these steps serve as seats for listeners.

Located at 2155 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94720.


Lawrence Hall of Science


Now this is not only a wonderful hands on learning center for children but since it is located in the hills so high above     you get a spectacular view of San Francisco Bay as well. This is a great way to spend a day having fun and learning. The kind of learning that doesn’t feel like work. Here you and your children will learn why shoe laces untie, how sticky mussels inspire medical glue, how gecko feet are made up of sticky toe pads and hang by toe hairs. Lawrence Hall of Science will leave everyone in awe of all that we learn by simply observing the world around us. There are many science and technology exhibits here as well.


Located at 1 Centennial Dr. Berkeley, CA 94720.


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