Olympic Peninsula

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  We could have easily spent over a week just in Olympic Peninsula because there is so much to see and explore. It is all nature here with miles of beaches to endless trails that can be enjoyed at Olympic … Continued

Pacific City

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  Happy New Years sweet friends!!! I’m not sure if you’ve heard but some people have a word for the new year. This year my word is being present. I took some time off Instagram because I had started feeling … Continued

Cain and Abel

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  Have you ever wondered why some sibling are extremely close while others are so distant from each other? It is almost as if these two brothers are made out of different material. One is made out of iron and … Continued

San Diego Museums

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  San Diego has some of the best museums and galleries in California!  You will find something for everyone here. Balboa Park alone has 17 museums. Did you know that museums are great for children? When a child sees new … Continued

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