Cardboard Clubhouse

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As a child I have always wanted a treehouse so I could use it as my very own clubhouse. I was never able to have a treehouse because growing up I lived in apartments and I’m pretty sure our apartment manager would have not been too pleased with us if we built one. In our house we do not have any large trees where we could build a treehouse for our children so we decided to make a cardboard clubhouse. Making a clubhouse if perfect for the winter season when kiddos end up spending a lot of time indoors.








We first went to our local stores and asked if they had any boxes. We also tried to use the same size boxes for the sides but since these boxes were free we worked with what we had. This project requires all the little hands available. To hold the house together we used hot glue and masking tape. The girls clubhouse was not as sturdy as we would have liked it to be but it did stand up. My oldest daughter had the idea of using old wine bottle corks for the door knobs. Two holes were cut out on both sides of the house which opened and closed.The girls painted the outside of the house gray. They used real paint. If we have done this again we would use spray paint instead of real paint because real paint is too wet and the cardboard absorbs the paint, making the cardboard less sturdy. On the inside of the house the girls glued pictures of their art work, bible verses, and pictures of dolls that they printed from the internet. This is a great project to do if you want to keep your kiddos busy playing for days. Our girls even got their pillows and blankets and slept in there.
Have fun 🙂

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