San Diego Museums

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  San Diego has some of the best museums and galleries in California!  You will find something for everyone here. Balboa Park alone has 17 museums. Did you know that museums are great for children? When a child sees new … Continued


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  If you’re not able to go visit Denmark, there is a great solution for you! In Southern California, Santa Barbra County, there is a city that does not have a Spanish name. It is called Sunny Field which in … Continued

Santa Cruz Island

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  There is something magical about stepping foot onto an Island. I always have this feeling like I’m discovering something new just like when Columbus discovered various Caribbean Islands. I know I’m fooling myself because many have lived, camped, and … Continued


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  You get a true Southern California experience when you explore Ventura. This place has history. It goes back to when the Spanish were here. It even goes further back when Chumash Indians occupied this land. There is so much … Continued

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