couponing at K-mart

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 Peter and Esther Couponing !!!!

 All was $3 originally and we had a coupon for $1.00 off. When doubling that coupon we paid $1 for one.

Got all of these for .99 cents !!!

Sometimes K-mart has double Couponing weeks. A couple of weeks ago they had it where I live. To get great deals there are a few rules. I was able to double the coupon up to $2.00. So when I had a coupon that was $2.00 off it actually was $4.00 off. You can only use 5 coupons per transaction. The transaction can only be done once a day. Your total also has to be $25.00 before taxes are applied and before using your coupons. You have to open an account with Kmart at the store or online. To find out when your store is having the double Couponing week visit and click on weekly and local adds.
Have fun 🙂

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