The Discovery… Museum in Nevada!

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We love museums. What is there not to love about them? However, did you know that on average Americans attend only three museums a year? Sure there are people that visit museum much more often  and some who can not remember the last time they have stepped foot into a museum, but that number is too low. There are so many different types of museums to choose from…. art museums….. history museums…. natural history museums…  and more. Some museums are less kid friendly and nothing is aloud to be touched, while others offer hands on learning. Our experiences with museums have only been positive. I am fascinated by how museums inspire us, challenge us to question things, and help us understand cultures, individuals, and different periods of time.


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So on our way to grandmas house, on New Year’s Eve, we decided to stop by a museum and let our kiddos stretch their feet after three hours of driving. {Were we in for a surprise!!!! } The Discovery:Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum was so much fun. In this museums you and your child can touch everything (except for life-size sculptures of monster fish).

You want history? They got it !! Learn about the history of Nevada.



So you like Anatomy? Well, they have that too. This was one of my favorite rooms. God sure planned our body to function and work great !



Oh, you’re into art? No worries, they have a DaVinci’s corner just for you.



You don’t say? You like to build things? Yep, they have a build it room. You can build new things every time you visit because they constantly have different projects to make.



Wait, don’t leave, they have a  jungle gym-like structure just for you! It is called a Cloud Climber. Climb you way up to the clouds! No wait, climb your way up to the ceiling, that’s high enough.



I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to ruin all the surprise and fun for you. But I will tell you that this was one of our favorite museums. The Discovery is located at 490 S.Center Street Reno, NV 859501. The museum is open 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.Tuesday – Saturday,12 p.m – 5 p.m. on Sunday. It costs only $8.00 to enjoy hours of fun. Visit for more details.  

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  1. This looks so fun, the da Vinci corner looks awesome! I have to say, while we also love museums we are below even average for yearly visits! We live in a beauitful part of the U.S. and there are woods for miles, however that also means that the closest museum is about 4 hours away and our young children do not travel well, perhaps in time. We do however have amazing opportunities to explore national parks, and mines, and all the beautiful great lakes because of where we live.

    If we ever travel that way, we are definitely checking this out! Thanks!

  2. This looks so much fun.


    It sure was. Thanks for visiting. 🙂


    You would love this museum. We started traveling and doing road trips ever since my kiddos were very young. It was hard at first but they are so used to it. My family lives 1 hour and 20 min away and we try to visit them once a week. As they get older it gets easier. National parks and mines are the best. We love them too. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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