DIY Christmas Ornaments…

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Purple, Green, and White…OH MY… golden beaded caps around. 

Watch video below to see how to make these ornaments…

What you need: 1 foam ball, 4 elastic cords, 1 braided cord, glass e-beads, bead caps, glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors.


 How to make this ornament: Wrap elastic cord around the foam ball. Once the foam ball is all covered, glue on beaded caps. I glued 2 to 3 beads (golden or green) on top of each beaded caps. Then tie a braided cord and glue it on top of the ornament.

Joining a DIY ornament swap has been so much fun. It is so neat to receive ornaments in the mail and my kiddos and I are enjoying hanging them onto our Christmas tree. Click the links below to see what kind of beautiful/fun ornaments we received. I hope you will be inspired to make your own Christmas ornaments this year.

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