DIY: Safety Pin Bracelet

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  What is there not to like about safety pins? Safety pins are used to keep torn clothing items together, fasten cloth diapers, or to temporarily fix a broken zipper. But that is not all safety pins can be used for. You can make jewelry with safety pins. These safety pin bracelets are so pretty and easy to make. They take about one to two hours to make and you only need three different items to make these unique bracelets.
What you need….
2 hair ties
70-80 safety pins
Beads (any color)



 1. You need to get two hair ties (thin ones).


 2. On one of the hair ties put the bottom part of the safety pin through the hair tie.


 3. In the other hair tie put the head of the safety pin through.

4. You want to make sure that the pattern is head/ tails/head /tails.  Always put the tails on the hair tie first.
5. Put safety pins on the hair ties first. Make sure that all of the safety pins open up on the same side.

 6. Put beads on the safety pins. Use any pattern or color you would like.


                                                                               Have fun 🙂

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