Family Getaways: Black Mountain Lookout..California

When trying to relax, a little isolation time is key. Get ready to unplug all distractions and escape to the solitude of black mountain lookout. There are some places on Earth where time stands still and this is one of them. This lookout was constructed in 1934 and served as a fire lookout tower. A fire lookout tower provided housing for the individual who used to watch for wildfires in the wilderness. Most of the time fire lookout towers were located at very high points or on the summit of a mountain. This enabled the individual to see far into the distance. At Black Mountain Lookout you will get a new perspective of life by looking at the world from on high with breathtaking views of Last Chance Creek and the Honey Lake. Here you will have time to watch the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. You can also take a stroll in the morning and in the evening. Take time to enjoy the clouds from above because you will be higher than the clouds.

This tower sleeps 2 to 4 adults. We brought a bunk bed cot with us and put it inside the lookout. They offer a stove so you can cook inside. They also have a heater but we did not get any warmth from it and it can get cold in the evenings, I highly recommend bringing your own little heater. There is no water source at the lookout so bring your own water and plenty of it so you can drink, cook, wash hands, and wash dishes with.

The lookout is not always available due to snow. It is available from Memorial day weekend to October.

The lookout is located on the eastern edge of the Beckwourth Ranger District, 10 miles from Highway 395, near Milford, California. If you put into your GPS, ” Black Mountain Lookout” it should find it. Also, there are signs on the road  that direct you.
You could also stop by and just take a look at the lookout and the beautiful views without spending the night. They ask that you do not go inside the lookout if someone has reserved it.
Reservations can be made online at
Type in search: Black Mountain Lookout, Ca
Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a place that most individuals have not yet before?  After all, staying at a fire lookout tower will quench your thirst for uniqueness.

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