Grown Healthy: Persimmon Salad and Fun ….

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I love Fall. I can’t get enough of the color orange. I think know that this is my new favorite color. Persimmons, pumpkins, and oranges…
OH MY..Grown Healthy……..
 Did you know that Persimmons are Japan’s national fruit? This fruit was a native of China but was introduced to Japan and the Japanese loved it. What a blessing it is to be able to grow and enjoy this tasty fruit in America. There are two varieties of Persimmons that are commonly grown and eaten. The persimmon that is native to North America is know as Diospyros Virginiana and it is the size of a grape and has an unpleasant taste until it is ripe. The one I will be talking about is the Fuyu Persimmon. This variety can be eaten like an apple.
Benefits of Persimmons: Persimmons are packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, Manganese, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Persimmons help protect and nourish our eyes because they contain Lutein Zeaxanthin. This also reduces wrinkles, for us ladies, around our eyes.
Where to pick Persimmons in California: Bar 2 Ranch… located at 14797 CA-76 Pauma Valley, Ca 92061. Call before you come (760) 742-3614
Drying Persimmons: If you are blessed with persimmons like I am, then you will want to dry some persimmons to enjoy later on. I have a drying rack. It is so easy to use a drying rack. Simply slice persimmons and rotate the racks whenever you remember. Take the dry persimmons off of the rack when they become dry.




I like to seal my persimmons in a bag and date them. This helps them stay fresh and last longer.


 Fun with Persimmons:

     1. Persimmon made out of pantyhose: All you need is a pair of pantyhose, cotton balls, green/orange paint, and hot glue.


Cut one pantyhose leg.



                                          Fill it up with cotton balls.


Tie it up and start painting.




It will look like a carrot. 🙂
Start rolling the pantyhose with cotton balls.



Use hot glue and glue it in place.


Now you will have a persimmon look-alike.

2. The letter P stands for Persimmon.


3. Paint Persimmons.


Persimmon salad:

I love adding fruit in my salads. This salad is so tasty and a bit sour.
   All you need is..
*3 Persimmons
* 1/2 red cabbage
* lemon juice
* Romaine lettuce
*1 cup walnuts
* half of CHEVRAI (soft unripen goat cheese/ fine herb).


Mix gently and enjoy. 🙂


Can you think of anything else that is orange ?


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