Hawaii Beaches

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It’s amazing the affects volcanic activity has on beaches. In our previous Hawaii post Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park we saw the powerful affects volcanoes have on the places it has had come into contact with and because of the volcanic activity you’ll find green, black, and white sand on this Island.



Papakolea Beach : Green Sand Beach

We’ve never seen green sand before and we made sure that we saw this one since there are only four green sand beaches in the world. This green sand was created by a silicate deposit called olivine which was washed out of a cinder cone. Also, here you’ll be swimming in the most southern beach in the United States. How cool is that? We were actually considering hiking 2.5 miles one way but when we saw that there are locals taking many tourists for $15 dollars round trip we decided to take the easy route. We love a good hike but it was around none and it was hot so we figured we would have more time to enjoy the green beach if we took a ride. The beach was crowded and it is advised not to swim too far from the shore because it is not safe.



Punalu’U Black Sand Beach

This beach has black sand which is made out of basalt. The black sand beach is made up of small fragments of lava. The reason why this beach is black is because as soon as the lava hit the water it cooled right away and turned into black sand.This beach is one of the most popular black beaches in Hawaii. Many locals fish at this beach. You can also spot turtles at this beach and this is because the black sand does not heat up as fast as the other sand so many turtles come and nest here.  It’s not recommended to swim at this beach but if you come during low tides, it is a great place to explore.




Hapuna Beach State Park

This beach is a great place to bring children to because it’s pretty shallow for awhile and there is even a lifeguard on duty. This beach does become crowded and we can see why it’s such a popular beach. This is a white sand beach. Many here enjoyed body surfing.

 My beach towel is from Jessica Rey

Anaeho’omalu Beach


We walked this beach before heading back home but we had wished that we came here the day before. This is a white sand beach. On this beach you will find a hut that rents out kayaks, snorkeling gear, and more. On the left side you can enjoy the beach while on the right side a fish pound. There is also a place to workout. There are many palm trees along the sandy beach.


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Mauna Kea Beach

We really got to enjoy this beach. Majority of the individuals here are guests of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel but there are many who bring their own chairs and towels. They are the ones sitting to the side of the beach. To get to this beach is quite easy. You could stay at the Mauna Kea Beach hotel and walk to the beach from your room but you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy this beach. All the Big Island beaches are public access so you are more than welcome to enjoy this beach. The thing is you have to arrive early in order to find parking. There are only 30 extra parking spaces at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. This beach is pretty amazing.


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What is your favorite part about the beach? We sure love watching sunsets at the beach.

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  1. This place looks incredible! I wish I was in Hawaii for spring break. I love your beach towel! It’s really cute.

  2. Beautiful places. Green sand? I need to go there. It is such a phenomenon. Thank you for sharing these spots with us!

  3. Looks like quite the rocky adventure to get to the beach. But the views are worth it I am sure.

  4. So many beautiful beaches in Hawaii! I’ve never seen green sand before – so interesting. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. That black sand beach is so gorgeous and its amazing that its from lava. I would love to visit there one day soon!

  6. Wow definitely some beautiful photos! I am so jealous! I would love to visit here!

  7. wow it’s absolutely stunning! Hawaii is on our bucket list and I love the beach so I would be all for visiting these!

  8. Reesa Lewandowski

    What a beautiful beach! I love the way the rocks are and you can see the layers in them. It’s so cool how far out you can go as well!

  9. I’m not a big beach person since I burn so easily. I do love the water and listening to it roll over the sand. There really is nothing like watching sunset on a beach either.

  10. My favorite part of beach is listening to the sound of waves. I find that magical.

  11. Hawaii is SO gorgeous. I went when I was younger and still remember the beautiful ocean and sand. Love these photos!

  12. What a beautiful place to visit. It looks like you had a great time.

  13. Katrina gehman

    beautiful! i could use some of that scenery right now!

  14. These are so beautiful! Last year we took a family vacation to Kauai and had an amazing time. Our favorite memories are the time we spent on the beaches!

  15. Such gorgeous photos! I can only imagine taking an adventure like this!

  16. I have never seen any color sand but white/tan! I would love to travel to these Hawaiian beaches. The water is just gorgeous.

  17. Khristopher

    I’ve never seen a green sand beach before! That’s so interesting! I love your escapades to different beaches in Hawaii!

  18. Shassene Ramirez

    Hawaii is one of my dream vacation destinations.. Perfect place to relax and unwind! I wish I could cross it off my bucket list in the near future!

  19. Gabrylle Yuan

    I’m so curious about the green sand! Hope I can also experience touching it. You guys are so blessed!

  20. Watching sunsets is my thing.. plus I’m a beach lover! I want that kind of experience too.

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