Hiking at Crockett Hills…. California

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                       Come see the beautiful views of both city and country.

There is 1,939 square acres of wide open land to run, walk, or ride your bike on at Crockett Hills.  Here you can see from the distance the active and busy San Pablo Bay while walking on a peaceful nature trail.  You will also see from the distance : Vallejo, Mount Tamalpais, Richmond, and the Carquinez Bridge. It is not a difficult hike but you will be going uphill here and there. You will go through a tunnel, open and close gates, and get close to roaming free-range cows. There are beautiful yellow flowers some taller than you along the path. As well as picnic tables, so do not forget to bring your lunch. Next to the picnic tables there is a gate and that is a trail mountain bikers like to take to ride their bikes on. Go through that gate. It is a great trail to run on. Our kids loved it because they felt like they were on a roller coaster going up and down small hills. Just watch out for mountain bikers if you do go on that trail. The nice thing about Crockett Hills is that there are not too many people so you can take your time exploring the little critters all along the trail. Crockett Hills is a great place to go to if you want to spend some quality time with friends or family while getting a workout at the same time.

 Type “Crockett Hills Regional Park” into your navigation to get here. You want to turn and park at the staging area.

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