Hiking with children

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  We love to go hiking because it is so fun to be outdoors. There are lots of things you can not see unless you hike to it. Another great thing about hiking is that it is usually free; you just have to pay for gas. This is a time when we get to get away from electronics, chores, and from the busyness of everyday. We get a chance to really talk to each other. My kiddos will ask all sorts of questions during the hike.


 Lynch Canyon: Peter and Eve: Buddy system !!!



 Peter and Eve are buddies again !!!!


 Arch trail !!!



  We started hiking when our Esther was a baby. Usually around 3/4 years old we encourage them to walk on their own. My daughter Esther did not like to hike when she was little and would complain most of the time. I had to get creative by singing, dancing, and skipping with her. I remember even pretending  we were Pocahontas  and we sang “Just around the riverbend”. With time she learned to enjoy hiking. Now we use the buddy system and each one of us walks with one other family member. When the path is not narrow we can all walk together. Another thing we do is have a prize for them after the hike if they did not complain very much.  The prize is usually a candy, puzzle, or another little toy which we bought at the dollar store. Always bring lots of water with you when hiking. We usually bring lunch and snacks with us as well. Bring a first aid kit just in case something happens. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the outdoors with your kiddos.

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Have fun. 🙂

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