How to have a stress free bedtime experience !!!

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Yes, bedtime can be stressful. I remember laying next to my toddler and falling asleep before he or she did. I am amazed at how hard it is for little ones to just fall asleep because I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I no longer have toddlers but bedtime does not seem any easier. They now come into my room because they need something to drink, they are scared, or they want more kisses and hugs from daddy and I.  So I have come up with some tricks to make bedtime easier for all of us.

1.       To help them feel more relaxed I give them some chamomile tea before bath time. Chamomile tea has a bittersweet taste and pleasant smell to it.


2.       In the bathtub I put some Dr Teal’s pure Epsom salt and foaming bath. This helps their little body relax.



3.       After we have prayed and before I tuck them into bed I take out our hugs and kisses box. I love receiving and giving hugs to my little ones but it can turn into an all night ordeal of  “Mommy good night, I love you.”  So I bought a box at the dollar store and filled it up with folded papers. Each paper has a different number on it : starting with 5 and ending with 25. I also have included some hearts which means that my child gets to choose how many hugs and kisses they would love to receive or give me.




4.       I have made a wreath for my little Eve to help her stay in bed the whole night.

                    What you need:
                              1. Wreath
                              2. String
                              3. tack

                              4. 7 objects ( we used birds)

             I bought everything at the dollar store. 




                                  Use the tack to help keep the sting from moving out of place.


Keep wrapping the string around the wreath until you can no longer see the green on the wreath.

 Hang the wreath on the door and for every night that your child has slept in his or her bed without coming into your bed put a birdie on the wreath.
 Once your child has 7 birdies on the wreath they can choose a prize which you can buy at the dollar store.


5.      Place projectables night lights into your children’s room. This helps them focus on the picture above their bed and gives them light in their room. 


                                                Good night !!! Sleep tight little one !!!    🙂





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