How to Make a Silhouette?

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A silhouette is like a shadow, mystifying in so many ways. Only the outline of the face or body can be seen. The details of the persons face is left up to us to determine. Unless you are an identical twin your Silhouette will look like no other. A silhouette is not only an outline but it is a solid shape with angles and curves. A silhouette is a beautiful portrait. The best part is that it is easy to make.
To Get started:  1. You need the following materials: scissors, pen, black paint, paint brush, plate, canvas, and a picture of yourself.                                                                                                                   

 2. Cut out your portrait. The nose and lips are harder to cut so take your time.



 3. Trace the outline of your face onto the canvas by placing your picture on the canvas. Hold down with one hand your picture while tracing with the other hand. Try not to move the picture.


 4. Put paint in the middle of your silhouette and slowly fill in your portrait with black paint.



 5. When you are done you can leave your silhouette canvas as is or add a border.


 6. Display your silhouette for all to see.



Have fun 🙂

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