How to Make a Tea Set Using Recycled Materials !!

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Happy Earth Day !!! We love recycling and reusing things. We also love to have tea time. So why not put these two together and make a recycled tea set?

 To get started:
1.Gather jars, plastic bottles, and an egg carton. Use anything that is plastic and empty. You need scissors, hot glue, paint, and glitter.


 2. To make the tea pot you need a plastic jar or a plastic milk jug. Cut a line through the front of the jar (for the spout). Use a water bottle and cut a rectangle out of the water bottle. Make a cone with the cut water bottle piece. Glue it. Put the cone into the cut line of the jar. Now glue the two pieces together. To make the handle for the tea pot you need to cut two lines on the other side of the jar. One on top (higher) and one on bottom (lower). Now this time when you cut a rectangle piece out of the water bottle you don’t make it into a cone. You put one side of the plastic piece in the top cut part and the other side of the plastic piece in the bottom cut part. Make sure the plastic piece goes into the jar and then put glue on it. For the lid of the tea cup we used an egg carton. Just glue and paint it. I recommend Mommy to cut and glue the plastic for safety reasons.







3.To make the tea cups use a water bottle and cut it in half. Use the bottom half. Make a handle the same way you would make a handle for the tea pot. Paint it. If you want you could also sand the top of the tea cup.
For this tea pot we used a paper roll for the spout and the handle.

Now lets go drink some tea !!!!

Have fun 🙂 

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