How to Put a First Aid Kit Together !

It is important to have a first aid kit handy when hiking, camping, or simply living life. Accidents do happen and it is good to be prepared to assist a family member who might need assistance. It is never too early to teach your child about a first aid kit.




How to put a First aid kit together:


·      Antacid tablets (6-10 pills): Tums: for heart burn. Pepto -Bismol for stomach relief, gas,  and heartburn.


·      Antihistamines (6-10 pills): allergy pills like Benadryl. Helps with allergies from pollen, or if stung by a bee it helps minimize possible reactions.


·      Pain reliever: Aspirin: helps if you have a headache, reduces fever, helps you not feel pain, and reduces inflammation.


Note: Before taking any medications it is wise to read the label and make sure you do not take more then needed.


·      Gloves: protect yourself when helping others. So you do not get their blood on you.


·      Towelettes: alcohol cleaning wipes. Clean hands before assisting someone with a wound.


·      Cotton Swabs: You can put ointment on the swabs and then place it on the wound that way you are not spreading germs. Also you can remove foreign objects out of your eyes using a cotton swab


·      Antiseptic ointment: this could be Neosporin . prevents infections from happening when getting a cut or wound.


·      Band-Aids: The more variety of sizes you have the better. Put on cuts  to prevent infection.


·      Sanitary napkins: if you have a big cut and you need to stop the bleeding.


·      Gauaze pads: To help stop bleeding and to help stop contamination. Put the white stuff on the red stuff until the red stuff stops!


·      Roller gauze:  holds dressing in place so that the dressing does not fall or move out of place.


·      Moleskin: If you feel you might get a blister on your feet then cut and apply some moleskin to your foot because it helps prevent blisters. It is hard to walk if you have blisters. You don’t put moleskin on the blister. You need to cut a hole and put moleskin around the blister.


·      Triangle bandage: Are great to use as a sling if you fractured or hurt your arm.


·      Chemical heat pack: Helps relieve pain. You apply the heat pack to an area of your body that is in pain.


·      Razor blade: to cut things (like a shirt that can be used to stop large amount of bleeding).


·      Safety pins: Can be used to hold the triangle bandage in place. It also comes in handy when tape fails to do the job.  If you rip pants or your  zipper  brakes use a safety pin. If your tent zipper is broken then use a safety pin as well.


·      Tweezers: use if you have a splinter, get stung by a bee, or to take out a tick.


·      Face mask: This is good to have in case of fire or unhealthy air around you. We like to wear a face mask when we go into a yucky bathroom.


·      Emergency phone numbers: It’s a good idea to have your doctors number and any medical information you need. As well as close friends or family members that can be contacted.

* Eyes drops: in case you get something in your eye.
* Sunblock
* chap stick: helps with chapped lips.
*mosquito protection wipes


 Have fun putting together a first aid kit. 🙂

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