How to teach your children to love everyone, even those that have hurt them…

Teaching your child to love everyone, even those that have hurt them is very important to do.




It is written in the bible….




Now loving others especially those who are grumpy, who make fun of us, or who do mean things to us can be a challenge. It is important not to let the seed of bitterness grow in our hearts.


Steps to loving and forgiving those that might have hurt us….


1.       Think: Think nice things about that person. This is a way you can soften your heart towards them. Write down good qualities about them. It might be hard but make sure you write down at least 5 good qualities. It could be outward qualities like the way they look or dress.


2.       Say: Practice saying nice things about that person and to that person. Do it in person or you can text that person or message something nice to that person on facebook or twitter. Bless them and wish them the very best.


3.       Do:  Do something nice for that person. If they like rubber band jewelry make them one. For adults if they are going to have a baby give them baby clothes. If they drop something help them pick it up. This is probably the hardest step because it is not always obvious what you can do for them. Just wait for the right time.
4.    Pray: Pray for that person by blessing them.


Example:  Lets say there is someone in art class who makes fun of the way you look or what you are wearing.


How do you reply?


You could ignore their comment and this is probably the best thing to do especially if your really hurt or offended. It might not be easy to do the steps that very minute. Maybe walk away and then think why they might be saying those things to you. Maybe they are not happy right now. Maybe they have low self esteen and they want to make themselves feel better by putting you down. Often times those that put others down or are mean to others do it because they are not happy or have issues of their own. It does not justify them for behaving or talking to you in that way but try to be sympathetic towards them. Once you think through things ( try not  to feel sorry for yourself) then you can write down 5 nice things about them.


Then later that day or the next time you see them you can say something nice about their art work. Tell them that they are great at drawing or painting.  When your teacher asks everyone to pick up art supplies from the teachers desk you could offer to get theirs as well.



Don’t expect anything back in return. Just because you are nice does not mean that they will be nice back.

I like to tell my children that God will not ask you what that person who offended you did but he will ask you what you did in return. For some reason we like to concentrate and worry about what the other person did. It is almost as if we will be answering for them. But the truth is we will not be answering for them. We will be answering for ourselves.

Make a journal with bible verses about love…..


Instead of using the persons real name use hearts, smiley faces, and stars.

Write the five positive things about them.

Write down something nice you can say to them.

Write down something nice you can do for them.

Write the dates when you have accomplished it.
 Write a prayer and pray and bless them.  Once it has been completed glue a heart on that page so that you will be reminded that you love that person and you no longer need to be reminded that they have hurt you because you have forgiven them.






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  1. Thank you for sharing this post on Littles Learning Link up. I have struggled with trying to explain to my children how to love others who have hurt them. I am going to have to remember these tips.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post on Littles Learning Link up. I have struggled with trying to explain to my children how to love others who have hurt them. I am going to have to remember these tips.

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