I have a HUGE crush on my children’s principal!

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Yes you read the above statement correctly… My children’s principal is so handsome, smart, well put together, disciplined, organized, patient, caring, firm, and great with my children.

Now if you have not guessed already my children’s principal is also my husband and I don’t only have a HUGE crush on him but I also LOVE, RESPECT, and ADORE him.

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It is important to have a principal who supports teachers in their disciplinary decisions and has high expectations for the students and teacher.

There is a reason why the school system has a principal. A principal is someone who makes sure everything is running correctly. He also works together with the teacher to make sure that each student gets the best learning experience available and that the students behave in a manner that is appropriate.

The teacher who is homeschooling their students/children needs another set of eyes, hands, and head. “Two heads are better than one.”

Every homeschooling family does things different. Some teachers are the dads while some of the principals are the moms. There are also incidences where both the parents are half teacher/half principal. No matter what your or mine situation is….. the best kind of school/home environment is when both parents work together on their children’s homeschooling journey.

I do majority of the academic teaching. My husband teaches our children Geography, History, and current events. I do lots of crafts with our children while my husband takes us on many field trips. I also try to finish formal teaching with our children before hubby/daddy comes home. I text my husband pictures of the things our kiddos are learning throughout the day. Our children love when daddy comes home because they get to show off the things that they have learned.

I usually do not complain about our children/students. I never complain about homeschooling to my husband. In the same way he never complains to me about working. I am not saying that there are bad days or that the thought of sending our kids to school occurs to me but that complaining doesn’t really help anything unless you actually make changes.

I do tell my husband that so and so doesn’t want to do something or is having a hard time behaving in a way that is appropriate. This is when the principal steps in and usually asks the student to write a few paragraphs telling him why they did something, why they think it was wrong, and how they will change it.

It is hard to do it all on your own. It is a blessing to have a spouse who is behind you and your decision to homeschool. If you are thinking about homeschooling pray about your future children’s principal. Pray that you two will be on the same side. You do not need to fight with your spouse over homeschooling. If you are homeschooling and your husband is not involved or supportive find other homeschoolers who understand you and can give you advice. However, the best person to ever turn to is Christ. He knows what is best for you and your family. He can change hearts and lives. He heals and forgives. He listens and whispers truth into your life.

I hope you too can say loud and clear…” I have a HUGE crush on my children’s principal” because this is the only time or chance it is okay to actually have a crush on your children’s principal and let the world know. No need to hide it or to be ashamed. 🙂


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