Kids learning how to budget, plan, and cook !!!!

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Why not teach them while they are young how to budget, plan, and cook for 5 days?   That is exactly what they did this week. Peter had to come up with 5 breakfast ideas that he had to shop for and make mostly on his own with the supervision of mom (me:)).Esther had to come up with 5 lunch ideas. I gave them each a budget of $50. Peter spent $49. Esther spent $28. They shared a cart and each had a list which they wrote the amount near each item so that they could keep track of their total. They also had to get the items themselves. I loved seeing them work together and asking each other for advice. I  got asked from shoppers if we were doing a school project. :)The best part of this lesson was that I got a break from making breakfast and lunch. But more importantly: that they felt proud of themselves…..

Esther and Peter shopping !!!

This is what Esther and Peter got!!!!

Esther deciding what cheese she should get!!!!

Esther making tacos!!!!!

Peters deviled eggs and bacon !!!

Peters egg sandwich !!!!!!
Esther taught Peter how to peel hard boiled eggs super fast and easy. You crack and peel both ends of the egg. Then you blow on one of the ends and the egg will literally come out from the other side. Try it next time you boil eggs.
Esther made hot dogs !!!!!
Peters food plan :
Day 1: cereal
Day 2: waffles
Day 3: bagels
Day 4: egg sandwiches

Day 5: deviled eggs and bacon

Esther food plan:
Day 1: hot dogs
Day 2: tacos

Day 3: pizza

Day 4: hot dog
Day 5: spaghetti and sausage
Have fun 🙂

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