Live in the Moment…Don’t Rush Time…

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 Click to watch a Video: My son and I when he was over a year old. 🙂

Watch This Video : My son in Awana… last years talent show… He wrote this song. 🙂

When our son was young, we could not wait for him to get older. When he was only one years old my husband bought him a remote car. The doors of this remote car never opened. Our son would cry for us to open the doors so that he could put an animal inside. Our son did not know how to use the remote car, he was too young for this remote car. My father also bought our son a potty chair that sang for his 1st birthday. Our son was not potty trained at one years old, instead he used it as a chair for story time. We could not wait to enroll him into every activity that was under the sun. Time seemed to go slow before he turned five. However, once school started and I had two other sweet children, we could not stop time from slipping away from us.

 Our son will be thirteen years old in December. So many things have changed  in these past few months. This last summer our son was no longer able to go to Vacation Bible School or Sunday School because he is too big. He now attends a youth group on Sundays and has received his very own cell phone a few days ago. I am trying not to freak out panic…. youth group, cell phone… What’s next???

He is our first born, only son. We wanted him to grow up but now we are not sure we are ready for it. I promise you that I’m not crazy weird. I have been hugging him a lot and trying to cherish all the time I have with him. He is my comfort child. He sees that I am worried about all the changes, so to comfort me he wrote a poem and texted it to me….

     The world is round. It spins around.
The seasons change. In a time range.
The world will be different someday.
As it was fifty years ago on Monday.
In those days, phones were on the walls.
Now they can easily fall.
Cars used to not have cameras in them.
But this is now and that was then.
Many things will change.
But Gods love will never.

                 Was this my sons way of telling me that it was time to let him grow up and that it will be okay?
I love that my son reminded me that Gods love never changes. We know that we can trust God to take care of our son. He has taken care of him this far and will take care of him for the rest of his life. I will choose to not rush time. I will choose to carry my four year old until I can no longer carry her. I won’t complain about putting her shoes on before we enter into another store. If one of our children is scared, they can climb in our bed and sleep with us. They are little only for a little time. Soon they won’t want to share spaghetti like in Lady and the Tramp with me. I won’t be able to give them piggy back rides. So I will no longer rush time. I choose to live in this moment because I will never be able to take today back.

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