Glamping at Mary Smith Campground

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We recently threw away our 3 bedroom tent because it was getting too old and the zipper stopped working. Last time we went camping our zipper broke and we had to use string and tape to close it.  We love camping because it is so very relaxing, we just eat and play all day. However, I really dread putting together tents, especially our large tent. If you have young children, you probably understand that a crying baby and the need to set up is not a fun combination. Lately we have been enjoying glamping, yurts, and cabins because we don’t need to bring or better yet set up a large tent.

On 4th of July we stayed at Mary Smith Campground in one of their tent glamping units. This campground has been named as one of the prettiest campgrounds in California and we can see why. It is located in Shasta-Trinity National Forest. We loved sleeping on a comfy queen size bed. There is only 1 bed but room inside for double cots. I’m thankful that this isn’t our daily living situation.

This camp is surrounded by pine trees and the view of the Lewiston Lake from our glamping site was pretty amazing if you ask us.
We did not own our own canoe before we came here so we rented theirs for the day and loved it so much that when we came home we actually bought one ourselves.We tried fishing for rainbow trout but we had no luck. The reservoir is 9 mile-long.

The view from the tent was so beautiful. This is one amazing place to wake up to.

Our children were sick with a fever for a whole week before we came. We got sick from our dear friends. We could have canceled this trip but what I have noticed is that we do better when we are outdoors in nature. Fresh air does wonders. We never travel if we are sick and we know that we will be around others. We also never travel if we plan to do a lot of walking. We were able to sit around all day if we wanted to but the kids felt good enough to swim and canoe. There was hardly no one here due to it being the 4th of July because no fireworks were aloud. We were totally okay with that because we never buy fireworks anyways.





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  1. What a great tent, and y’all had an awesome view! Y’all made some awesome memories from that little camping session.

  2. Now this looks like camping! How fun! I’ve always wanted to go glamping. The tent looks perfect.

  3. It’s so beautiful! I’ve never been glamping but I certainly know how annoying it is to set up a tent LOL. We usually camp on a beach and setting up a tent in the sand is hard work. I’m totally down for glamping!

  4. This looks so tranquil and the perfect little getaway for a family or even just a couple. Love how there’s so many activities you can do but also just choose to relax by the fire

  5. I don’t do tents anymore, but I think I could get along okay doing “glamping”. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. How fun! This looks like the perfect family adventure. I need to try glamping sometime soon.

  7. It’s such a lovely place to be! I like the place, it’s quiet and peaceful. A place where you can just spend time together and catch up on things as a family!

  8. That water looks so cool and refreshing! I love your tent, it makes camping seem almost glamorous!

  9. Oooooh look at that roomy tent! Ours is in sad shape and we have had it since we had one infant, now we have three older children. We need more space.

  10. Kristina

    I can’t wait till my two littlest kiddos get older so we can go camping! I loved it as a kid and the fresh air and nature is amazing!

  11. Glamping is one of the adventures in our family’s bucket list. T’was listed a long time ago but we still don’t know how and when to fulfill it. So happy for you!

  12. I love regular camping, but I have to tell you, I may just have to give glamping a try. You get the best of both worlds so it would make it a much more relaxing experience. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, BTW.

  13. I love the idea of glamping. It’s all the perks of camping with a few nicer amenities. What a view to wake up to every morning. There is something about spending time in nature that makes everything better.

  14. Don’t kill me, but I have never been camping. When you said a 3 bedroom tent, I had to reread this. I had no clue that tents could be so big. This is definitely something I want to experience.

    Thrifting Diva

  15. I really like the photo of the scenery and camping site. It looks like you guys have lots of fun adventure.

  16. My daughters would love to go on a glamping weekend! I’m not sure we’d be up for full on camping but this would be a great introduction.

  17. This sounds like such an amazing time to relax and reconnect together! I love your tent!

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