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Mazes are puzzles with an entrance and exit but there are many dead ends which tend to make you lost. Many mazes are as small as paper and some as big as corn but a maze is a maze. There are so many types to get lost in. Why are they so popular? Maybe they offer a sense of adventure or a challenge and for some self respect. Maybe the purpose is to show that there is hope in the peril or for entertainment purposes. And of course it’s great competition. They show us what we can do and can not do. And maybe it expresses this lost world and a sense of peace. Even though the reason or thought of a maze is different for everyone, all can enjoy.

Hay Maze at Arata’s

This is a very large maze, 2 acres large and hard to get through. Unlike most mazes it has a theme. Minotaurs Labyrith  Hay Maze, so if you see a man in a bull looking costume you know why. He gives out gold pumpkins because it is a pumpkin farm. The farm has many attractions but that’s a different topic. It is located at 185 Verde Rd. Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.


Coyote Bush Maze at Santa Barbra Botanic Garden  

Placing a maze in a botanical garden is a brilliant idea because usually you have to be careful not to step on plants but here they have placed Coyote Bush in a maze which was fun to run around in. Beautiful in everyway. Great place to visit. Located at 1212 Mission Canyon Santa Barbra, CA 93105.



Monterey Mirror Maze

Mirror mazes are a great challenge and extremely hard to get through. Don’t trust the people you see because you will almost always go face into a mirror. The picture below is a fun one because you can see multiple of us from different angles. This is located at 751 Cannery Row Monterey,CA 93940. 


Corn Maze at Davis Ranch

Great maze to run through. We actually played tag in it.  Pretty easy if you do it right. It’s a fun place to enjoy. The corn is so taller than you so it makes it impossible to see where the exit is. It’s an adventure for sure. It’s located at 132211 Jackson RD, Sloughouse, CA 95683.


corn-maze corn-maze-2


Hands on Learning

We created our own maze using an oven baking tray (which we bought at the dollar store), plastic tubing (which we bought at Lowes but you could use straws), and hot glue. We first created our design on paper. It was fun and easy to do. We also placed marbles which then followed the end point of the maze.


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Why do you think mazes were created?

(This post was written by my son Peter).

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  1. Navigating these mazes looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like this near us because I think my husband and boys would really enjoy it.

  2. Whoa! That seriously looks like fun. I would get lost for sure. Great for strengthening your sense of direction!

  3. I love mazes, although I have a terrible sense of direction. I am fine with puzzles but as soon as I am on my feet I get lost, I have no internal compass at all, although it does make them last longer and more fun for me :p

  4. I went to the Stanley Hotel to do the maze, only to learn the maze in the movie “The Shining” was not filmed at that hotel, they just use the hotel exterior! They did plant a maze at the hotel but it was two feet tall, lol. The corn maze looks like great fun!

  5. This place looks incredible. My daughters would love exploring mazes with me! It looks as thought this was a great way to spend the day together.

  6. Last time I was in a maze was two halloweens ago and I legit got lost!!! I ended up having to get on top of one of the hay stacks so that I could see! Haha

  7. We go through the corn maze every year at the pumpkin patch, and always have a blast. We’ve went through a maze at the putt-putt golf place, and it was hard! lol. We have a mirror maze, but never been though it. I really want to try and do that one soon.

  8. UhMAZEing…see what I did there. Har, har. I love the botanical maze the best and I love that you had the kids make their own mazes afterwards. Super cool lesson!

  9. Looks like you guys had lots of fun with this post! It makes me want to hit up a corn maze this coming Fall. I grew up with them around but haven’t been in several years. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love mazes, but haven’t really been to any since I was a child. Hopefully when I have children myself I can go and visit some! These look likes lots of fun 🙂

  11. Wow, I love this mazes adventure and I want to try this in real life, I bet my 2 boys would love this for sure

  12. One of my favourite family memories is when we went to a maze years ago! It’s such a fun activity to do all together that everyone will enjoy 🙂

  13. Oh wow, I haven’t been in a maze in a long time! I’m a bit claustrophobic but I would definitely try it if I had a little!

  14. CourtneyLynne

    Omg mazes are so fun!!!! We always do a corn maze during the fall. Always have a blast!

  15. The maze outdoor adventure was great but the former homeschooler in me loves the mazes you created at home!

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