Melted Crayon Art

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What you need:
glue gun
glue sticks
blow dryer
Melted Crayon Art is so fun and easy to make. I bought lots of crayons at the dollar store. The crayons melt best when the wrapper is taken off but the crayons will still melt with the wrappers on. I also got big foam boards from the dollar store to make sure that this project would be sturdy and will last longer. Two of my kids drew on the boards before they glued the crayons on. When blow drying the crayons it is best to have an old towel handy because when the crayons melt they can drip on your floor or working space. When using the hairdryer it is wise not to have the hairdryer too close to the crayons because you will have crayons melted and stuck to your hairdryer.
How to Make:
  1. Use glue gun and glue crayons on paper.
  2. Turn on hairdryer towards the crayons
  3. Melt the crayons until you are happy with your art work
  4. Have fun

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