Mexican Jumping Beans !!

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Want a new pet? Try the Mexican Jumping Bean !! Larva of small moths are living inside these beans. They are easy to care for. You can carry and take them with you. The only thing you have to do is put them in water once a week to let them cool down. You first have to put water in an open container and let  the water stand for 5 hours so that chlorine will evaporate then put your bean in the water for 5 to 30 minutes. If your lucky your larva will turn into a moth and will come out of the bean.

To get started:
 1.You have to first buy the Mexican jumping bean. I bought mine through Amazon. I bought 15. Three sets of 5 came in clear cases. My total with shipping was $8.59.


 2. Learn about jumping Beans: One great website is



                                               This is how the moth looks like !!!

This is the shrub (Sebastiana Pavoniana).

 3. Play games: Draw eyes on your jumping beans so that you can know which one is whose. Keep a score sheet and observe the jumping beans throughout the day.


 4. Write a story or paragraph about your jumping bean: This is the paragraph Esther wrote about her jumping bean Golden Bean.

5. They move to the sound of music or noise so sing and dance with your bean. Make sure to be gentle with your bean.

Have fun 🙂


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