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Murals, a way to show the world what you think. Often political. A mural is art on a floor or ceiling, in or outside. A mural is a public display which can be found in all parts of the world. Murals are found in all parts of the world and are seen by many. They can be found in churches or  the outside of buildings. A muralist has the world as an audience. In our county there are murals, but not many so we check them out when we run into them. It is one of my families favorite type of art and all of the styles amuse us. We feel we can walk into them. Murals seem so life size and they decorate buildings well.


Mariposa, CA

Mariposa, the Butterfly City. Most Murals in Mariposa are Butterfly Murals. There are other types of Murals in this city but the Butterfly ones are the best.


Jackson, CA

This town has 12 murals however we only have seen two of the murals. The murals that are outside on buildings. Ten of them are located in the Civic Center. We plan to visit and see all of them located there.

  Elizabeths and Eves outfits are from Colored Organics. See pictures below.


Sutter Creek, CA

Welcome to Sutter Creek is what the mural says when you enter this small town. This mural was done by the high school students in the county.


Susanville, CA

Susanville has many murals, twelve to be exact. They show the cities history, the places, and the people who made Susanville what it is today.



Petaluma, CA

There are 9 murals located in Petaluma. Eight of the murals are located in the alley. They have a wonderful collection of alley murals.


Hands on Learning

We decided to make our own mural in our homeschool room and it was a struggle. It seems easier to draw on paper than on a wall. I can’t imagine doing a ceiling mural.


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What is your favorite mural in your area?

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  1. I love murals, too. I think my favorite part was reading about each one and seeing a picture so that I could see for myself how each one looked. I also liked it when you described making a mural.

  2. Wow, these are great. I’ve only stumbled upon a few murals that have had me stop in my tracks and simply admire for a few minutes. I’m always amazed at the level of creativity and the attention to detail!

  3. Those murals are so pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mural in real life and would love to see one. I bet they’re even more beautiful in person!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  4. These make for such cute photos! Our town doesn’t have any murals but I wish it did, they are great photo opps!

  5. 1) I have always wanted to visit California.
    2) I love murals. I need to think of a way to have my high school students create one in class…

  6. Wow, what beautiful murals. I’ve never looked at them like that! I know of one semi near us, I’m gonna have to look at it differently now.

  7. These murals are amazing – my brother is an artist and I can only imagine how long these took them. It’s so wonderful to be able to appreciate them.

  8. I absolutely love murals. This is a fun post and I love how you took inspiration from your trip for a craft activity. I think you may have inspired me to add a mural tour to my travel list!

  9. i love murals! i love in albuquerque and downtown is covered in them! they are so beautiful and they say so much about the community, traditions, and culture! it’s a beautiful art that really allows so much feedback!

  10. Wow! That’s awesome. I love murals because they’re so creative and colorful plus they showcase the talents of the locals as well. Everything that you featured is simply admirable.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski

    We don’t have anything like this where I live! These are just beautiful! My kids would love to see something like this too!

  12. Wow these are gorgeous. I have always wanted to find a good mural and go take pics infant of it but I haven’t seen any near our house, and would love to! Makes such gorgeous photos.

  13. In Atlanta we have TONS of street art and it always makes my heart so happy to stumble upon it! Plus I love to do photoshoots by them!

  14. What awesome finds! I love looking for murals and street art everywhere I travel. We have quite a few in my hometown (Boston).

  15. WOW! Those murals are just incredible. What a great way to expose your kiddos to the arts. And they’re a fab photo backdrop!

  16. Wow, what gorgeous murals!! These are truly amazing. I always love discovering a new mural in my city. I think that’s so fun how you tried to make your own murals!

  17. These are all such lovely murals! We have one significant one in London in Brixton and it’s so beautiful 🙂 they’re really artistic

  18. These murals are amazing. We have a few in my town and I always glance at them whenever I drive by. There is something engaging about them and how they tell a story of my town’s history.

  19. This artwork is amazing! What a fun memory for your children and entire to family to recall and enjoy.

  20. What great murals! Its a nice way to spend time with your family, visiting them. I love the poses in some of the photos too!

  21. We have a lot of great murals here in New York City too. It’s amazing how many talented artists are out there.

  22. Robin Rue

    Murals are always so interesting and beautiful. I loved creating them when I was a child and seeing other’s creations.

  23. Whenever I see a mural, I always have to take a picture. They are so beautiful. I love the ones that you were able to capture. Definitely a kodak moment for a lifetime of memories.

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