Our Easter Miracle

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Did you know that approximately 5,000 kids fall from a window each year? -WebMD. I wish I could say that we weren’t part of this statistic but the night before Easter our sweet Eve fell out of the window. What was meant to be fun turned into a nightmare. Our girls were having a great time jumping on the bed and one of our girls opened the window to get some fresh air. Our Eve climbed onto the head of the bed and stood near the window. She then pushed the window screen with her body on accident and fell 16 to 18 feet to the ground. Our other two daughters began to scream (it was the scariest scream we had ever heard). I wish I could tell you that I had it all together at that moment but I did not. I imagined the worst thing possible. I imagined that our pride and joy had fallen onto the cement and had died. I began to scream, cry, and pray. How could this happen? Why would this happen? We could not loose our baby….Please lord not this way….. Not now… Please have mercy on us Lord…..

All of our children were crying and praying. Our 7 year old witnessed our 4 year old fall and poor love wanted to throw up at the thought of what had happened and what the result could mean.

I was too scared to go outside to see her so my husband and 10 year old daughter ran outside to get her. Our sweet baby was curled up and covered with grass. She was alive and looked amazingly great for a child who had fallen from a second story. She was responding to our questions and was very alert. My husband carried her to our bed and I called 911. We told her not to move and I tried to keep her awake until the ambulance came. Within minutes from my call Sutter Creek Fire Department arrived. The chief of that department was so helpful and tried to keep Eves mind on other things. Soon the ambulance arrived and I went with Eve inside the ambulance. We drove for a few miles until we had to climb on board a helicopter. For the next 16 minutes as we were flying to UC Davis hospital all I could do was pray that our baby would not be paralyzed and would not have any head injuries since she did fall on her head.

The tests showed that she did not have any broken bones and that she did not suffer any head injures. Once these incredible tests were in Eve was able to take the neck brace off and I was able to climb in bed with her. We had to spend the night at the hospital with our baby to make sure she was able to digest her food. I could not stop kissing her hands and forehead the whole night. My husband and I were so extremely thankful that she was still with us and that as she fell an angel carried her softly down to the ground. What a miracle it was that she fell on dirt instead of the cement. What a blessing it is that she did not break any bones on her body and that she only had a few scratches on her head, ear, hands, and feet.

On Easter our baby did not want to walk. Her body was sore and it was hard for her to get up. When my husband and I tried to pick her up in order to take her to the bathroom she would cry so she decided she would try getting up herself. She also was not able to eat or drink until 7am in the morning. She was thirsty and hungry but understood when I told her she had to wait until 7am. Our Eve was so brave and strong during everything. She never screamed or fought when she had the IV put in. She just had tears run down her face. She understood that she had to sit still when they performed tests on her. She was truly amazing.

We want to thank my sister-in law Anna who came and stayed at our house even though it was her birthday. Thank you love for comforting our other children when we were not able to. My father who drove our children to my sisters and then back home again. My two sisters for loving our children and letting our children be kids again while we took some time to care for our Eve. All our family and friends you prayed and cried for and with us. We also want to thank Sutter Creek Fire Department, the ambulance crew, the helicopter nurse and pilot, and everyone at UC Davis for being so amazing with our Eve.

Do you know who the real super hero is in our testimony? Christ is the super hero in our world. We love him more and more with each passing day. Christ has been there with us though it all. He loves us so very much. When we arrived home on Easter and Eve started moving around and playing again, she could not stop singing….   “Our God is an awesome God he reins from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love…… our God is an awesome God.” Even though our Eve is only 4 years old she knows how awesome our God is. Yes we went through a test and tests are hard to go through but we now have an incredible testimony to share with everyone. You can’t have a testimony without a test.




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fire department


Eves doctor at UC Davis told us that it is most common for children to fall out of windows during the Spring and Summer months because as it starts getting warmer families start opening their windows.

“Boys are more likely than girls to fall out of windows and accounted for 58% of window fall injures. One-fourth of the window fall-related injures required hospitalization. Children under 5 years were more likely to suffer serious injures from a window fall and 3 times more likely to suffer a head injury. “-WebMD

What you and I can do to make our homes safer for our children….

You want to move chairs, tables, and beds away from windows. We moved the toy box away from the girls window and took a chair out of their room. Some rooms are too small and you have no choice but to have a bed against the window. Our guest room is this way so we decided to put a lock in that bedroom and told our children that they are no longer aloud to play in there. Eve fell out of the guest room window. If you have no choice but to have your child sleep in a room that has their bed against their window then you might want to consider installing window locks.

You also want to plant bushes underneath windows because this creates a cushion landing surface.

I never knew that falling out of windows was possible before it happened to us. I think one of the most important things we can do as parents is to explain to our children why they can’t climb near the windows.




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  1. Oh my goodness! This post had me in tears, thank God your baby is well, I am so happy it was a happy ending. These things happen so fast, may God keep your family strong and keep her healthy :). Praying for you and your family.

  2. This is insane! I’m so sorry it happened to your family. It’s amazing that it all ended well. Hugs and kisses to sweet little Eve…

  3. Such a scary moment. Thank the Lord everyone is Ok. Its is so hard to see your children get hurt, but falling out the window. Wow. Just happy she is good to go and have fun again.

  4. Oh my goodness! So scary! I’m am so happy to hear that she is OK and nothing too serious happened. I can’t even begin to imagine the fright you all must have felt. It truly is a miracle.

  5. Oh bad! I am sorry that all this happened to your family. But I am really glad that it ended in hugs!

  6. You are so right. One never thinks these things will happen to them. Thanks be to God for her survival. I’ll definitely be reminding my kids about the dangers of windows in the morning.

  7. How scary! Thank God your brave little girl is okay. I was crying reading this. She is amazingly strong little girl. God is good, I’m so happy she didn’t have any injuries. This was a beautiful testimony of how great God is. I’m so happy your baby is okay.

  8. I am so grateful that your sweet little one is alive and well…our God is an awesome God. Blessings to you all as you recover from this scare.

  9. Thank you GOD!! Literally!! So glad she is ok and this wasn’t the tragic end it could have been.

  10. Oh my goodness!! I am so thankful to hear that she is ok! Praise God!! That is a miracle that she only had a few scratches!
    It is good to remember about moving furniture away from the Windows. I will be checking my windows again today!

  11. Your kiddos are the cutest! What a sweet video… love it! Our God is certainly an awesome God. 🙂 A neighbor girl fell out of a window across from our house 2 years ago (2nd story) She flipped in mid air and ended up falling on her legs… and broke one! (Yikes!) It could have been much worse, for sure! I am so thankful Eve is okay after that fall… how scary!

  12. Oh wow! I am in tears! I am so glad that Eve is ok! I am so terrified to open our windows upstairs for this exact reason.

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