Our Homeschool Room

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Having a room to homeschool in is very convenient.   
Most of the things in our homeschool room were bought through Craigslist or thrift stores. Posters can be bought at the dollar store.

 This white board has two sides. We use only one side since we have it against the wall. I love having a white board. I usually write on the whiteboard when we are doing our bible time, cursive, geography, history, or science. I also write on the whiteboard  when I introduce a new math lesson for one of my students. I have my students do their spelling words on the white board as well. If one of them is having a problem understanding a math problem we work it out on the white board.




 Each one of my students has their own desk. Three of the desks open up from the top and one of them opens up from the side. My children keep their school books and papers in there.

 I love this wooden box. We bought it at the thrift store for  $2.50. We keep art supplies and pencils in this box.The box comes out of the shelf which makes it convenient to take out and use in the kitchen table when we do crafts.


 Our blackboard is an old bed end which was painted with blackboard paint. We use it as a calendar.


I found this at the thrift store for $5. I taped my students names on each envelope space. We keep extra worksheets inside them. Spelling words and cursive worksheets are kept there as well.
Your homeschool room does not have to cost too much money. It just takes a little more time to search and find the things that cost less and are unique. We enjoyed creating our very own classroom.

Have fun 🙂

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