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Happy New Years sweet friends!!! I’m not sure if you’ve heard but some people have a word for the new year. This year my word is being present. I took some time off Instagram because I had started feeling as if I wasn’t being present. I know that what I’m about to say might surprise some of you but for awhile I felt guilty every night before I’d go to sleep. I felt like I wasn’t really there during the day. I was doing activities with my children but throughout the day I was distracted. I was distracted with my phone and this made me feel empty by the end of the day. I was scrolling through my feed looking at some really amazing mamas and I started to question what I was doing. Our Christmas tree was decorated in nature finds, we did not put up many Christmas decorations, and I did not wrap one single present. The presents were wrapped in random wrapping paper and they were wrapped with such love by little hands. I had to stop and remember what our family goal was and so the break made me realize that it took us so many years to get to where we are. Letting go of perfection was one of the hardest things for me as a young mom but it has been such a fruitful blessing. I have noticed that the more I let them help or do things on their own the more capable and confident they become. It warms my heart to hear them with so much excitement share with their daddy all the things they had done and made that day during dinner time. Why would I ever dare think of taking it away from them?

I always ask God to change me and mold me. Oh, sweet friends how hard it is to actually change. I always question my intentions and this in it self is so hard especially when I’m being honest with myself. So this year I want to be completely  present and not distracted. I want my children to remember me as a mom who can set limits for herself. There is a time and place for everything. This short and precious time I have with my 4 babies under the same roof is too short and way too important for me to be distracted.

Have you picked a word for 2018?  What word would you choose and why?

Our Oregon trip was so special. All the packing, unpacking, and a day of laundry after a trip is so worth all the new experiences and precious memories we made. It seems that with every trip we learn a new lesson. Real life experiences combined with hands on learning has been so valuable for our family and individual growth.

I hope this year you see, do, learn, and experience new things which help you grow and flourish.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18


Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge


It was raining on and off the week that we were in Oregon so we took advantage of being outdoors while it was dry even if it meant being outdoors early in the morning. It is pretty magical in Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge early in the morning while thousands of birds fly straight past you. The best time to view them is early in the morning since they are most active at sunrise. From here you can see Haystack Rock and the Nestucca Bay. Since there is over 1,200 acres this is a perfect place for geese, shorebirds, migratory waterfowl, and other birds to find refuge. If you like birds you’ll enjoy it here.

Located at 7000 Christiansen Rd, Cloverdale, OR 97112



Sand Lake Estuary


Have you ever been to a Estuary before? In Oregon there are twenty two major estuary.  This is one of those great places where everything kind of mixes together and you have the ocean waves coming in to the bay while the water from the bay is trying to escape so the tide meets the stream here. This is a great place for children to see how freshwater mixes with salt water. There are many places at the Sand Lake Estuary that are meant for off road vehicle area but you can find places where you can walk around. We were the only ones here.


Located at 7000 Galloway Rd, Cloverdale, OR 97112



Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area


This is like a 230 foot sandbox for you and your children to enjoy. You have to walk up the steep dune but it is so worth it. Then once you go up you can choose to run down Sand Mountain or sled down. This was the highlight of our trip. We laughed and had a great time even as the rain came down. We had so much sand in our hair and some of us even ate sand but we have never sled down a sand hill before. The view on top is breathtaking and you’ll be able to see Pacific City and the beach. The view of Haystack Rock is pretty amazing as well. You can drive on this beach and you’ll be able to choose a great place to park. You can also burn a fire and sit by the fire watching the waves. We stayed in The Cottages of Cape Kiwanda which is right across from Haystack Rock so we just walked down to this beautiful natural area. If you are in Pacific City you do not want to miss going down this dune.


Located at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, Pacific City, OR 97135.




Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge


There are a lot of rock formations peaking out of the oceans on Oregon Coast but one of the coolest scene is where the three arch rocks are visible. There are actually three large rocks and six smaller rocks. The total of arches these nine rocks have is fifteen. We came here early in the morning and for some reason we missed the tunnel but if we come here again we won’t want to miss the tunnel. In Oceanside, Oregon they are visible from the highway on the way to Oceanside but you can get a good look at them from Oceanside Beach which is right in town.

Located at Tillamook, OR 97141.



The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda


Having a beautiful view outside of your window is the best. We believe that The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda is the best place to stay in Pacific City, Oregon. Outside the windows of the cottage you’ll always see Haystack Rock. You’ll see it when you give baths to your children, when you make dinner in the kitchen, or as you lay in the master bedroom. There are 18 beautiful cottages to choose from. The wonderful thing is that each one of the cottages has a patio or balcony. Drinking coffee in the morning looking at Haystack Rock and listening to the waves crash was the best way to start our day here. The indoor soaking tub was so relaxing. The girls and I never wanted to get out of it.


Located at 33000 Cape Kiwanda Dr, Pacific City, OR 97135.




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Thank you The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda for hosting our stay.

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  1. Shandy Kaye

    For me my word this 2018 is perseverance I let myself look only at the circumstances, But with God’s grace and help, I know I can persevere. I also want to go there, I hope you had a nice trip!

  2. I think this trip is totally worth it and I love the word that you chose to stand by for the whole year. It’s all about being in the moment and being present, especially when it comes to family. Based on the pictures, you had an amazing time there!

  3. Shoshana

    I don’t have a word for the year but I have read so much about it and it works most people. All the best with 2018

  4. I love your word! I think working from home, I tend to lose track of how present I actually am. I am really trying hard this year to stick to a set time for work so that I can be more present.

  5. This is a beautiful article! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Your pictures of the beaches are so awesome I want to go there right now. I love the sand sliding and the bath after looked so relaxing. Another place to add to the bucket list.

  7. Happy New Year to you!! What a beautiful set of photographs to showcase your beautiful trip with your family! Also, I love your toque with the fur pompoms!

  8. My word this year is consistent. Consistent with both personal and professional projects. It’s better than making resolutions!

  9. My word of the year is kindness. It’s a reminder for me to talk to others and be kind in my actions. It’s not that I am unkind but that I want to be more aware of each interaction and that I listen to hear what the person is saying vs listen just to respond. Present is a great word, instagram is definitely something one can get lost in and it’s good to be in the moment instead of on the phone.

  10. Wow twenty two major estuaries in Oregon? I had no idea! Looks like you guys had a great trip! I haven’t been to Oregon in a few years, I forgot how beautiful the coastline is.

  11. I love seeing these photos. What a fun experience for the whole family. Getting dirty and having fun!! Some of these pictures are perfect for printing. I would love to take my family here.

  12. This looks like a great experience and what a way to make a good time out of blah weather. I really want to get out to the west coast.

  13. Happy New Year! I still haven’t picked a word, but I am leaning towards focused..I love that your word is Present, it is so important to be present in this digital age.

  14. I don’t have a word for the year but your positive attitude and obvious joy is contagious! I absolutely loved this read and enjoyed your photographs so much! You all had such a lovely time!

  15. I have been having so much fun reading everyone’s word for the new year. It really gives you insight into someone’s life

  16. Britney

    What fun parents you are!!!! This looks like a total blast. I love it.

  17. Angela

    Happy New Year! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! We have an estuary near our house at the Audubon that I LOVE to visit!!

  18. I love the idea of being present as a focus for the New Year. I struggle disconnecting from social media at times, but it’s so important, and I always feel great when I do it.

  19. My word for the new year is consistency. I am working hard towards being more consistent with everything in my life, not just my business.

  20. I’m seriously loving the way you do your travel posts! It’s like a scrapbook that you’re sharing with the rest of us 🙂

  21. your outdoor adventures with your kids look so amazing. we haven’t taken our kids to Oregon yet but I look forward to as it just seems breathtaking

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