How to Make a Silhouette?

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A silhouette is like a shadow, mystifying in so many ways. Only the outline of the face or body can be seen. The details of the persons face is left up to us to determine. Unless you are an identical twin your Silhouette will look like … Continued

How to Tie Dye !!!

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  Tie-dying is easy and fun.        This kit can be bought at Joanns. Original price is $19.99. Use a 50% off coupon to save money. They have coupons often in the Sunday Sacramento Bee or sometimes you can get … Continued

Teaching Your Child to Pray !!!!

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                                                             Teaching your child to pray is not hard at all.      My first advice is to pray every night as a family. Take turns praying out loud. In our family Eve (the youngest) starts praying first and my husband prays … Continued

The Armor of God !!!!

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For 5 days my little warriors learned about the armor of God. They learned that this armor is an armor not against other people but against sin.                We bought materials for the armor at the dollar … Continued

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