Our Homeschool Room

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Having a room to homeschool in is very convenient.    Most of the things in our homeschool room were bought through Craigslist or thrift stores. Posters can be bought at the dollar store.      This white board has two sides. We … Continued

Art Wall

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        My artists love to display their art work and I love them doing it, but not randomly all over the walls of our house. I enjoy having clean painted walls and would hate to ruin them with … Continued

Tea birthday party

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It is so fun to plan for a party. Especially when you include your kiddos to help you plan. I would not be able to do this birthday party for grandmas 60th birthday if my kids did not help me make … Continued

Hiking with children

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  We love to go hiking because it is so fun to be outdoors. There are lots of things you can not see unless you hike to it. Another great thing about hiking is that it is usually free; you just have to pay … Continued

couponing at K-mart

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 Peter and Esther Couponing !!!!  All was $3 originally and we had a coupon for $1.00 off. When doubling that coupon we paid $1 for one. Got all of these for .99 cents !!! Sometimes K-mart has double Couponing weeks. … Continued

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