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There is just something so cute about little piglets. Now big pigs…. that’s a different story. This week we had some fun with pigs.
This little piggy nursery rhyme and finger play: what you need is a great big white poster board. Draw 5 toes with pigs on them.
This little piggy went to the market, (big toe)
This little piggy stayed home, (long toe)
This little piggy had roast beef, (middle toe)
This little piggy had none, (ring toe)
This little piggy went wee-wee-wee all the way home. (pinky)


The three little pigs: Great time to read the fable/fairy tale about the three little pigs. We made three houses out of different material. We talked about which house would withstand wind and poor weather conditions and which one would not.

The big bad wolf  first blows the house made out of straw down.


The big bad wolf then blows the house made out of sticks down. It did take him longer to puff and to blow but, never the less, he blows the second house down.

Now the house made out of bricks the wolf was not able to blow down no matter how hard he huffed and puffed.

Lets do some subtracting: We made a piggy out of pantyhose which we filled with cotton balls. On a piece of paper I wrote different subtraction problems. The back of the piggy had clothespins with tails. My daughter who is 4 years old had to do some math by removing 2 tails.

Now the piggy is left with 2 tails.


Piggy bank and counting coins: We made a piggy bank out of an old milk carton. First cover it with pink felt, add a pink straw tail, 2 google eyes, 2 ears, and 4 individual egg cups from an egg carton for the legs (this helps the piggy bank stand up). I printed out 4 little papers that said….0.01 = penny, 0.05 = nickel, 0.10 = dime, and 0.25 = quarter. I then gave my daughter lots of coins which she had to separate into the right pile.

Counting the pigs: I went online and printed out different pictures with different amounts of pigs in them. I was only able to find up to 8 pigs in one picture. I then lined up the numbers 1-8. My daughter had to place the correct number of pigs under the correct number. It was interesting to see that she did not need to count 1-4 pigs, she just saw the picture and knew under which number they went.

Now to the link up: 
Featured post this week was:
 We love light houses and have visited so many of them. We even stayed over night in two of them. I love the list that was included in this post… reading list, literature unit, science and geography, and a painting lesson video.


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