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With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it was a good time to learn a little about Pilgrims. Pilgrims were religious people who originally came from England. They were Calvinist Protestants and once they were denied to form their own church they left to Holland thinking that there was religious freedom. They stayed in Holland for some time until they started to worry about the effects it was having on their children so they moved back to England. They then sailed to North America on the Mayflower. While traveling, many lives were lost. The individuals who were still alive were so thankful to be alive that they decided to throw a Thanksgiving feast.
Now that is a good reason to celebrate! It is amazing the things people will do for their children. People are willing to sacrifice their lives so that their children can freely worship God. People will move if they think that the current place is having some bad influence on their children. My parents moved to America 26 years ago, leaving all their relatives behind in Ukraine and coming to a place which they had no idea about. They left their families, friends, jobs, language, and everything that they were familiar with behind for my two sisters and I. They wanted to give us a better future. They had to struggle learning a new language at the age of 30. The culture was so different than the one that they were so familiar to. There was no internet or Skype like there is today so my mother was not able to share all her joys or sorrows with her mother or sister.
Homeschooling moms and dads also homeschool their children because they want the best for their children. It is tough sometimes to be with our children 24/7. The house gets messy because our children are always learning and exploring. Some days our children don’t want to learn, so a math page that would usually take 20 minutes will take an hour or more. Some days we just don’t want to teach but we have to because we have chosen a path of homeschooling. A path that can be tough sometimes but is so worth it.
So to all the homeschooling parents out there I say: You are doing a great job… no an exceptional job…. keep up the good work. Now that is something worth celebrating by having a kids learning link-up party. 🙂
Pilgrims Party Hat: What you need: two cone-shaped party hats, black paint, yellow yarn, construction paper, white ribbon, scissors, and glue.

First paint the cones black. While cones are drying, cut out 2 faces, 2 collars, 4 arms, 1 apron, 1 belt, 1 bonnet, and 1 hat. Then simply glue them onto the cone. Your child is now ready to have a pilgrim on his or her head. 

Pilgrim Corn Husk Puppets: What you need: dried corn husks, wooden round dowels (sticks), hot glue, construction paper, felt, string, and goggle eyes.

First bend several corn husks in half over the stick. Tie it with string. Glue on google eyes, hair, hat, mouth, and clothing.

Your child is now ready for some pretend play.

Now to the Link up party:

Featured post this week was:
PK1Homeschoolfun : DIY light table for tracing leaves

 science activities for kids

I love anything to do with nature. God has created some beautiful things. This is a perfect way to bring up the self-esteem of a young artist. Leaves have some detailed parts to them. What better way to see the sublateral vein or the parts of the leaf then under light. Everything is exposed under light. Ephesians 5:13 says that “But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.” What that means is that light exposes the true character of everything.

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Top right corner is me :), kid minds, all day everyday mom, tree valley academy, and Melanie Blignaut.

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