Pinnacles National Park

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Camping in the place that you are wanting to explore is always a great idea because you can cover more ground and you have more time to really enjoy the park.  Chances are that you have never heard of the 24,000 acre Pinnacles National Park and this is due to the fact that its only been a national park since 2013.  The eroded evidence of a volcano is very evident here with crags, rock spires, ramparts, boulder-covered caves, and canyons.

Many come here to watch birds, specifically the California Condors. We were not fortunate to see this small population of beautiful birds that were down to 22 in the 1980’s but have slowly started to increase. They are dying because of lead poisoning. They eat dead things and often times hunters kill animals using lead bullets and the California Condors are eating the lead.

We love to hike and our children especially like trails that consists of them holding onto rails and steps engraved in massive rocks. I guess it gives them a sense of adventure. This park has rails in multiple spots of the trails. This park is great to visit early May because it does get very hot here in the summer, 110 F. If your camping here they have a swimming pool next to the visitors center that you can enjoy after a long day of hiking.

In this park you can explore caves however, we were not able to explore any because they were closed.


Hike to the Bear Gulch Reservoir

We enjoyed the Bear Gulch Reservoir hike after we finished setting up our tent. We passed the Bear Gulch Cave but it was closed because this cave is home to a colony of thousands of big-eared bats. They close it throughout the year to protect their habitat. During this hike you will be ascending down to a magical boulder-filled gorge. This is a short 1.5 mile hike  with an elevation change of 275 feet. This hike is perfect for beginners. On this trail we had to pass a rattlesnake which was 2 feet away from us. The ranger at the visitor center said we were pretty lucky to see the only venomous animal at the park. Gosh we sure did not feel lucky.



High Peaks Trail- Condor Gulch Loop

This is a 5.3 mile hike with an elevation gain of 1,325 feet. Here you will get panoramic views. The first half of the hike we were going uphill and within 5 minutes our Eve was complaining and wanted to be done with it. This could be due to the fact that there were so many flies. It was also pretty warm and to be honest a strenuous hike. Heat really does do a number on hikers. However, once we started going down and before we stated walking through narrow paths with rails everyone had more energy and were excited for the adventure that was before us. We never once picked up Eve and those who passed us were surprised that she was doing so well. This is probably one of my favorite hikes ever. Many actually do the Bear Gulch Reservoir trail as well. You can easily see what we saw in two day if you only had one day. We were actually really happy that we didn’t just because we were able to take it slower and enjoy all the beauty in.





My ladybug dress is from Effie’s Heart Clothing.

Elizabeth’s dress is from The Princess and the Frock

Thank you for reading our post. Would you continue hiking even if you had to cross a rattlesnake that was two feet away from the trail?

Happy Trails friends.

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  1. It looks like y’all had an amazing time! I haven’t been camping in forever, but I have been wanting to go and take the kids soon!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. I would love to hike, but my bad ankle won’t let me. However, if I saw a rattlesnake, that would be the end of the trail for me.

  3. Looks like you had a great time on your trip. That looks like a very long hike I don’t think I would be able to handle that .

  4. What a fantastic family adventure! My parents had an rv when I was a teenager, and camping were some of my fondest memories. I’ve never actually tent camped before, and living in Florida, I’m not sure I’d want too, unless it were January. It’s just too hot and humid most any other time.

  5. I absolutely love your photos! Made me feel like I was actually there! Looks like such a fun trip!

  6. What a great trip! Your tent is awesome! I really want to get some camping in my with family this summer not sure my preggo body will be able to handle it though!

  7. Aww your post was lovely to read. Your kids have done amazing on the walk. I have always wanted to move away and home school my children!!

  8. Such a lovely place to camp and stay, it looks so relaxing and tranquil. I did a lot of camping when I was in hawaii earlier this year and it’s such a nice change of pace x

  9. Wow! Such breathtaking views!! I can’t believe your kiddos did so well! Makes me feel like I need to take mine out hiking more!!

  10. Jeanine

    How fun! The photo of the bunny is gorgeous, what a great shot. I would love to go camping especially in a National Park. That would be so lovely.

  11. The perfect place to make great memories with our family! I love it

  12. I hadn’t heard of Pinnacle until this post, but it looks incredibly beautiful. I love camping and exploring our national parks. It’s a great way to relax and get a better appreciation for nature.

  13. Di Hickman

    This park looks like it was so beautiful! I love to visit parks and get back out into nature if only for a little while.

  14. This looks like such an amazing family trip. The view was so breath taking.

  15. What a fantastic trip! This reminds me of camping trips I took as a kid. We backpacked every summer. Gorgeous pictures.

  16. I think, this place is just majestic and awesome! And it is never boring, very diverse! There are a lot of things really to discover and to enjoy!

  17. What amazing views! This looks like such a fun hike. Our youngest is a two year old, so most hikes end up with her on our backs – so definitely not as long.

  18. What a beautiful experience for your family! That tiny trail looks amazing. My daughters would love something like this.

  19. Brittany

    This looks like so much fun! I would love to take my whole family here to visit and check everything out!

  20. Camping is so much fun with the family and this looks like a beautiful place! Can’t beat a good hike either

  21. Glenda

    You captures some spectacular pictures at the Pinnacles National Park. It looks like a great place to go hiking and it looks so peaceful.

  22. Not going to lie, I would probably have turned around as soon as I saw the rattlesnake! I like reptiles, but I draw the line at poisonous snakes, lol

  23. This looks so fun and exciting! I absolutely love your photos. These views are so wonderful!

  24. This looks like such a fun trip! We love hiking although our little one is still to little to do her own walking!

  25. This place is gorgeous! What a beautiful place for a family to visit together. I have to put it on our list.

  26. This place looks amazing!! I have never been camping the thought of bugs and mosquito’s freak me out (Bug Phobia) But I love nature and I love exploring so I would still do it 🙂 I try and convince the hubby so we can plan a camping trip there is so many places here in NY state 🙂

  27. I wish we could go there. This looks like a great learning experience for the whole family!

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