Redwood Canyon

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Whenever we are in nature we feel as if time stops because we don’t look at the time and we are not rushed. I love to get things done and when I’m home almost every hour is planned or scheduled so it is so nice to explore without a time frame. There are no check lists that need to be crossed off or things that need to be accomplished by a certain time frame. There were also no distractions because we had no phone or internet service which I’m so thankful for the ability to disconnect in order to connect with my loved ones.   

In order to camp here we had to get a wilderness permit. This definitely wasn’t easy but after a few tries we got the SEKI  Wilderness permit for 8 people.

You can do this as a day hike but there is something magical about sleeping underneath one of these giants. We loved being surrounded by giant sequoias. Also, when we have more time to slow down and really explore the place it makes it all worth wild.

We did the sugar bowl loop which was 6.4 miles long. We usually travel alone as a family but this time our dear friends came and joined us. This was Esther’s first backpacking trip. We are so glad that she was able to experience backpacking/camping at this beautiful place. When the wind blew it felt like trees were going to fall down on us because the sounds of crackling wood was so strong but to our relief no tree fell down near us.

A creek ran right though it and we pitched our tents on the other side from the trail. We enjoyed cooking and eating next to the creek.

For more information and to reserve a wilderness permit visit Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks (559) 565-3341






We came here a year ago but were not able to complete the entire loop due to fire and part of the trail being closed off. Peter’s and Esther’s wooden cups are from Modern Outdoor Life.




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  1. This looks like a lovely trip! I used to go hiking often when I was younger, but I want to start up again and get my kids into it as well.

  2. That is such a beautiful place! I’ve always loved hiking and camping; there’s nothing better to enjoy nature at its best than that. I wish we could do more of that soon!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  3. what an amazing trip! the size of those trees are unreal. I would have never imagined. I bet the kids will always remember.

  4. This looks absolutely amazing!! The redwoods are amazing – we didn’t get to hike when we did a road trip through but would love to go back and have an adventure!

  5. robin rue

    Wow, what an amazing adventure. Look at the size of those trees! LOVED looking at all your photos.

  6. What an amazing hiking area! I love going hiking, such an amazing way to keep fit and healthy and see the local areas. Being out in nature is the best!

  7. Beautiful and stunning place to hike and go camping in. I loved looking at the pictures that you shared. Truly, this place will allow you to appreciate nature more.

  8. I love this park! We went years ago, about 15, I think, and I remember thinking how gorgeous it was. It is still in my memory!

  9. Oh how awesome! Looks like a great place to take a family vacation. No one in my house likes to hike.

  10. How amazing that you were able to get that wilderness permit that you requested. I love hiking and Redwood Canyon looks incredible. So beautiful x

  11. Amazing family adventure! Our family loves to have exciting activities and we can’t wait to try this one

  12. This looks like such a beautiful area and I bet sleeping right under the stars there was just beautiful. I did a lot of camping when I was over in Hawaii and it’s such a different experience to being in a hotel x

  13. I’ve always loved camping. There is just something so peaceful about being outdoors under the trees and sky. It’s nice to get away from it all and just be.

  14. wow what a beautiful place for a hike! This is definitely somewher I would love to visit!

  15. That looks like such an awesome adventure to go on! Looks like you had a blast on your trip!

  16. This place is absolutely breathtaking! I just can’t get over how humungous some of these trees are!

  17. This looks amazing! It’s so great to get out in nature when you can and such good exercise!

  18. Jeanine

    Wow. Looks like an amazing place to hike and explore. I haven’t camped in a really long time but this would be the ideal place to camp that is for sure!

  19. Brittany

    Wow it’s so pretty. I would love to take my whole family there and let my kids explore. It would be so fun for them to see what they could find.

  20. What a great place to visit! The tree are really beautiful and I would love to take a trip here some day.

  21. This looks so lovely. Its great to see children having so much fun in the great outdoors. I love the patterns on that leaf.. it almost looks like a rose.

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