Rogue River Valley

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How many times have you done things you’d rather not do? I’ve been guilty in spending my energy on things that don’t matter. My wonderful husband has taught me to spend energy on the things that I do care about and which are important. Today I ask you to try it for yourself. Say no to the baby shower that you never wanted to go to in the first place. Say no to throwing parties if you’d rather go out to eat with your favorite girlfriends (in my case SISTERS!!). Say no to soccer or other sport commitments if you would rather spend your Saturdays sleeping in and enjoying breakfast on the patio. Say no to busy schedules and say yes to reading a book. If you love baby showers, throwing parties, soccer or sport commitments, and busy schedules then say yes to that. Our time is valuable and precious so how we choose to spend it can make our life more meaningful. We always say yes to travel and to spending quality time together during long road trips because through travel we experience new things, meet interesting people, and get out of our comfort zones.

Our fist stop in Oregon was Rouge River Valley.



Ledger David Cellars Tasting Room


This winery is beautiful and the atmosphere is so relaxed. I really enjoyed their white wines. 

Located at 245 N Front St. Central Point, OR 97502





Rogue Creamery


Are you a blue cheese fan? If so, you’ll love this place because they craft and sell world famous blue cheese. Our children really love trying cheese that is handmade locally. They usually vote and agree on the cheese we should get.

Located at 311 N Front St. Central Point, Oregon.




Cary’s Candy


It’s always great to get your candy straight from the source and because I have a sweet tooth this is one of my favorite stops. They have 13 different flavors of toffee here and several of them are available for tasting.

Whenever we drink wine my husband loves his cheese with it and I love my chocolate. We both have our treat to fully enjoy our Oregon wine.

Located at 413 Union Avenue Grants Pass, OR 97527.



Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventure


We have never tried rafting before so this was such a new experience for us and we are so glad that our first time experience was on Rogue Valley River with Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventure. We went on the half day which was a 3 hour float that started from Robertson Bridge and ends at Morrisons Rogue River Lodge. This trip had only 3 smaller rapids which are trilling, exciting, and perfect for those like us who have younger children with them.There were some parts where we were able to get out of our raft and swim. It is no surprise that Esther was the only brave one to jump in the river to refresh herself. We were able to see the Hellgate Canyon which is so breathtaking. 








Morrison lodge:


This is a great place to enjoy Rouge River Valley in peace and quiet. It is as close as enjoying  this beautiful area in seclusion like you would if you were camping. There are only 7 cabins overlooking a lush green lawn with a row of white chairs which we thought was a perfect touch for this setting. Right past that you see a riverbed with rapids and hills towering above the river on the other side. It is especially stunning at sunset. However, even though you are in such a spot where you feel you are alone in nature you have a swimming pool, disc golf, and other activities which you can enjoy. The four course fancy dinner outside on the patio near the river was so tasty. 





Thank you Morrisons Rogue River Lodge and Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventure for hosting us as well.

What is one thing that you would like to do? What will you say no to?

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  1. robin rue

    That sounds like such a cool place to spend some quality time with the family. I would love that candy store for sure.

  2. Looks like you made a wonderful vacation into awesome memories. I love the photos!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time! (even kids) I’m a huge fan of adventures for adults and kids of all ages.

  4. I always tell my students that sometimes in life, we all have to do things that we may not want to do. I think it is important to be open to at least facing each new challenge or adventure.

  5. I love quality time with family and mini family outings and vacations. This looks beautiful and like a great time! I love nature and the outdoors.

  6. It took me years to learn to say yes to the things I want and no to the things I didn’t. Sometimes it’s still hard. Yes to adventure though has never been a problem and I love your water rafting pictures!

  7. That looks like a great way to have an adventure and relaxing vacation all in one. The grounds look so nice and the river so cool for a summer rafting experience.

  8. How true! I’d love to have more time with the things that I love doing, but it seems like I’m always working. While it is good to make money, it doesn’t take the place of friends and family. Life is too fleeting! With that being said, it looks like you had quite of an adventure. Wonderful pictures!

  9. This looks like such a fun place to visit! My family and I enjoy kayaking, but I’ve always wanted to go white water rafting.

  10. I want to go on a vacation with some friends. And I don’t want to take on anymore clients who don’t pay me my worth. I know that is job related but sometimes by job consumes too much of my time.

  11. It’s such a beautiful place to go to! Whether you’re there with the kids or just with the husband, you’re sure it’s going to be awesome. I love that it’s peaceful as well, you’re definitely going to be able to relax when you’re there.

  12. This sounds like my kind of trip! Wine, cheese, rafting this looks like such an amazing adventure.I love family vacation like this.

  13. What a great place to visit. I love wineries but the thing that catches my eye is the blue cheese. I would love to taste all of the cheeses and I would be eating it for a month with all my purchases!

  14. It seems that you had the best moment in your life! I would love to travel and travel and travel. I can manage alone or with my family. It is so great you had this amazing place! That is one wonderful adventure!

  15. Your photos make me miss summer even more. This places looks amazing. I am not an outdoorsy type, but honestly, I think I can even get down with this vacation.

  16. Looks like a fun place to visit. The last time I did a winery tasting, I was SO convinced I only liked reds. Nope, I am finding that I am liking whites more!

  17. That looks like such a fun trip! I would love to go on an adventure like that! Looks like you had a blast!

  18. What a wonderful visit with your family. My daughters would love river rafting and it’s something we should definitely look into planning!

  19. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo what a fun family getaway!!!! Anyplace with yummy food and wine is always a good time to me

  20. I usually do kayaking or tubing. How was the rafting? So important to put ourselves first.

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